Cloud Hosting: Small Business Benefits

When you run a small business, sometimes it seems like there are never enough resources to accomplish everything you want to achieve. You look for ways to streamline your processes and improve operations every day, and cloud computing may be a simple way to free up some of those scarce resources and improve operations at the same time. In fact the number of SMBs that have adopted cloud computing doubled in the last two years.

Over 90 percent of companies who have tried it say that cloud computing helped them save money. Cloud computing comes in many varieties that can help you run your business more effectively.

Cloud Hosting

Backups in the cloud With cloud backups, your information is automatically stored in another location, safe from any local or regional disaster.

Cloud storage Cloud storage is flexible and inexpensive, secure and reliable. Information is available anytime, anywhere and usually from any device.

Web hosting It makes no sense to spend your valuable time on managing the hosting of your website. Find the fastest, most reliable provider you can, and then let the service do what they do so you can focus on your business.

On demand applications Whether you need ERP, CRM, recruiting, expense management or almost any other business application, selecting a cloud-based application to run your business makes you more competitive and lets you conserve capital for other projects.

Benefits of cloud computing

Cloud computing is flexible and adaptable Licensing is usually very flexible for every type of cloud computing. You pay for only what you use, whether it’s GBs of storage or users for a CRM system. You can usually stop using a cloud service with no more than 30-day’s notice, and you can often add or reduce users within a day, so even the most volatile business can be comfortable signing up.

Cloud computing conserves capital and saves time Most cloud services eliminate the upfront fees associated with traditional computing. There’s no capital outlay for servers or perpetual licenses, and no lengthy implementation projects or training plans. You can usually get started within a few days of signing up. Some cloud services take company purchase orders and will invoice monthly or quarterly, while others require a credit card for charges.

Cloud computing provides predictable costs Most cloud services are very open about their costs and pricing models. You’ll pay so much per GB of storage or page on your site. Whether you’re counting users or GBs, it’s easy to budget for cloud computing.

Cloud computing is scalable There are two times in business cycles when scalability matters: When you’re growing and when business is bad. Either way, cloud applications have you covered with the ease of adding or removing users or storage at any time.

The most important benefit of cloud computing is that it lets you and the business focus on the important things such as products, customer service and sales. You don’t need to have expensive IT skills on staff or to decide between investing your available capital in badly-needed capacity or business systems that let you be more competitive, because you can have both since cloud computing doesn’t require upfront capital.urchase orders and will invoice monthly or quarterly, while others require a credit card for charges.



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Friday, 19 July 2019
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