Climate Launchpad, Your Children and 36 Trillion

Climate launchpad

Two months ago we started the Climate Launchpad programme. A programme that covers 26 countries across Europe and the largest pre-accelerator in the world in the area of green and clean tech.

Entrepreneurs will have to do it

The idea behind Climate Launchpad is that if we wait for governments to tackle the climate change issues, we be waiting until the cows come home. It will be the entrepreneurs that will have to do it. By creating sustainable businesses that have a positive climate impact.

Our babies have grown up

We have worked with a number of ideas over the last two months and eight of my babies have grown up and are pitching their ideas this Monday. You are invited to see how they are doing. You can book your ticket here.

Eye opener

The programme opened my eyes. We are running out of time. If you follow the graphs on carbon emission and the consequent increase in temperature our kids will be living in Kevin Costner's Waterworld. It is not fair to leave them with our mess.

Huge business opportunity

It is also a billion dollar business opportunity. By 2050, 36 trillion will be  invested in this sector. Over 310 billion has been invested in green energy in 2014. A perfect hotspot and a perfect combination of transformation, entrepreneurship and opportunity.

It will become the norm

In my view green and clean tech does not cover it. It is sustainable entrepreneurship or business 4.0. It is not only tech. It is food, it is people, it is waste, it is energy, it is attitude and it is everywhere and soon sustainability as part of your business model will be as normal as e-commerce. We don't use "e-" any more. It is the norm.

If we don't, we will drown. It is as simple as that.

The babies

  • Agri Grow Lights is a state-of-the-art solution that, by controlling the light spectrum from LED lights, food producers can increase the nutritious content of crops.
  • Boltz Secret Seeds are seedbombs enhanced with biochar. They are a platform to encourage people to garden at home, locally produce fruit & flowers and make a great occasion gift.
  • Climate Friendly Design is the world’s first digital governance platform designed to challenge, analyse and validate energy efficient design for buildings, processes and investment funds.
  • EMMA is an emergency mobile alert tool with great life-saving potential for communities vulnerable to natural disasters.
  • E. E. S. is a Home Energy Improvement Simulator tool that informs the homeowner about their current and modelled dwelling energy use.
  • Marker Bio-fuel is focusing on the rapidly developing resource-recovery market to produce second generation bio-diesel for the agricultural market, and also to develop a bio-refinery to produce 1,3 Propanediol (PDO) from the by-product glycerine.
  • wasteNOT is a  combination of innovative labelling, ICT and a smart phone app that will automatically maintain an inventory of current food by expiry date and send push notifications of food that needs eating with suggested recipes
  • UniQube is developing a new approach to tackle the current urban housing crisis. UniQube use a modular construction (off site) approach to build urban apartment complexes using container architecture (recycled shipping containers) as the building blocks.
I hope to see you on Monday and hopefully it will open your eyes too.



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Wednesday, 11 December 2019
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