Cleaning Sorted; Dublin Launch Of The New Concept For Local Services

Cleaning Sorted, which has recently launched in Dublin is new concept for home cleaning that is driving innovation in a number of ways. Started in Cork in 2015 by Kerry brothers Luke and Hugh O Keeffe , this web based platform for home cleaning services has just launched in Dublin in May 2016. These two passionate, young entrepreneurs are recent graduates of University College Cork, where Luke earned his degree in Architecture and Hugh in Geology. Sidestepping a typical career path, they have taken the skills they acquired in other fields and applied them to business with innovative results. The innovation lies in Cleaning Sorted's goal of driving change in Ireland’s local services industries while creating sustainable long term employment for local service providers.

Reliable Local Cleaners

Every successful start up idea begins with a problem and the O Keeffe brothers maintain that in this case the problem was twofold. Firstly, connecting with reliable local cleaners is a growing issue which many busy professionals are now experiencing in a post-Recession Ireland. Having your home cleaned reliably is a chore in itself and can be hit and miss at the best of times. It can take days to find a good home cleaner. You then ask them to call over for a quote, maybe then they don't show, and you start all over again! On the other hand, in many cases you have a fantastic resource of very professional local cleaners who cannot easily connect with their market.

The O Keeffe brothers saw the problem of a dirty home with nobody to clean it as A and the final clean home as B. The goal was to reimaging how do you get from A to B. Designed with this creative mentality, Cleaning Sorted provides a web based platform on  where customers can easily book, schedule and manage their home cleaning. The 60 second booking process is made possible by a unique fixed rate pricing system. Simply describe your home, enter you details and your set. A team of  friendly local, vetted Cleaning Sorted cleaners then show up on time and ready to clean. With Cleaning Sorted's secure online payment system no cash is necessary.

200% Satisfaction Guarantee

Cleaning Sorted sets itself apart by standing over the quality of it's cleaners by offering a 200% satisfaction guarantee. All the cleaners involved with this company are professional, vetted and experienced. Cleaning Sorted offers a unique and impressive 200% satisfaction guarantee. This means that if customers are not satisfied, cleaners return to fix it and if they are still unhappy with the service, a refund is given!

Cleaning Sorted also has also taken a fresh view on what a start up company can achieve for those outside of it's customer base. It has grasped at an opportunity to rely on ethical business solutions from the beginning. In light of the current housing crisis and the increase in homelessness in Dublin, Cork and across the country, Cleaning Sorted has teamed up with both the Dublin Simon Community and the Cork Simon Community. Cleaning Sorted has been able to continually donate €1 for every local clean that it carries out to each of these charities. As the company grows, so too do the donations. Ultimately, the O Keeffe brothers believe that their clients will be happier to do business with a company that gives something back.



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Thursday, 18 July 2019
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