Choosing the right office space for your business

Choosing suitable office space is not a straight forward task, with numerous options to consider before selecting one. The correct office space will play an important role in whether your business succeeds or not. If you don’t know what you are looking for, it’s worth consulting a commercial estate agent as they will have in-depth knowledge of the office space market and will help you get the best deal.

A quiet environment

This may apply to offices based within manufacturing facilities a lot more than your standard buildings, although typical office buildings can also be noisy. Finding an office space that has a large sitting area or a nice outdoor area will help in accommodating employees looking for some quiet time.

Everything works correctly


Why rent office space if none of the amenities work properly? It is recommended that you talk with other tenants and get some feedback about the complex. If you get consistently poor feedback then this could be a major red flag.



In modern times, security should be your number one priority. Regardless of anything else, having a secure space is crucial, especially with valuable items such as computers, files and furniture. Ensure that the premises have a security alarm system, and if possible try and find a facility that offers video security.

Local amenities

Sometimes you or your employees may have errands to run during breaks or lunch. A perfect office would be located close to a bank and shopping area. It is also beneficial to your staff if there are places to eat nearby on their lunch breaks.

Location, location, location

This is without doubt the most important factor when deciding which office space to select. A lengthy drive to work every day can potentially demoralize anyone, having to drive 15 minutes from the office to get lunch can also be  frustrating. Not only should you consider easy access to your office for clients and customers, but also for your employees.

Location of competitors

It is worth considering the locating of your key competitors, are they located nearby? Will they cause problems for your business? Are they based in an area that has a worse or better reputation?

Meeting rooms

Most businesses use meeting rooms regularly. Even the smallest of businesses should have meeting rooms available, clients aren’t the only people you will have meetings with. Friends, Interviewees, and partners.  Sometimes you just need an extra room to have a staff meeting and plan the week ahead. Meeting rooms will also create the perception that your business is more established, as well as being more comfortable and professional for your clients when they come in.-


The price of the office space will be a big factor in where you choose to rent. All business centers are going to be fairly competitive with office prices. Location holds a lot of value and this will be reflected in the price. But don’t forget other extras; will you be paying extra money to use the meeting rooms? Will you and your clients have to pay for parking?

Public transport

If you live in the city or you want to rent an office in the city then you will need to consider the quality levels of public transports. Do buses run to and from the office? What train lines are nearby? Are there any alternative stations should there be closures?


This article is brought to you by David at Quayside Estates, specialists in providing bespoke property solutions for businesses such as office space, warehouses, for all types of businesses.



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Monday, 22 July 2019
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