Careers: Starting Out Small Pays Big

When a recent graduate enters the workforce, they may feel like they have the whole world in front of them and to a large degree, that is true. Students have so many opportunities in front of them when it comes to careers. They have to decide where they want to live after college, who they want to work for, and what they are going to do with their college degree.

With all of those decisions to make, a new graduate may not know where to start. One of the best things that a graduate can do for their future career is begin work at a small company.

Below are the reasons why working at a small company is the ideal fit for the new graduate.

Find Your Place

The great thing about a small business is that it allows a person a lot of space to be able to find out what they like and what they really want to do with their life. Small businesses do not have that many employees, so in that way one person may be used for many different tasks. By working in different areas, and they can find out what they like best.

Use Your Bright Ideas

When working at a small business, there is a lot more freedom to implement ideas. A person has more direct contact with the business owners and for that reason, they have a lot more opportunity to share their ideas and to get their ideas heard. Basically, employees can see their efforts within the organization.

Get Promoted More Quickly

Within a small business there is usually a feeling of a family environment and for that reason a person will have a better relationship and mentorship with managers and owners. The owners have a lot of faith in their employees. They want them to grow in the company and learn new skills. Quite often new companies will promote their employees in a way that would not necessarily happen if they were in a larger business.

Fun Perks

Small businesses have to work with a smaller budget, which allows for unique employee perks. It may vary from fun vacations, time off, dinners, gym memberships and other great things that larger companies may not offer so frequently.

All and all, when a student enters the real world, they have a lot of important decisions to make. They may want to continue working in the same capacity as they were in college or are considering a career change. Out of all the decisions graduates could make, consider working at a small business where you’ll grow as an employee and person.

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Thursday, 18 July 2019
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