Can A Strong Social Media Presence Really Make or Break You?

Social media is one of the greatest marketing tools a business can use. It’s free and it’s powerful. But, unfortunately, it’s not as easy or straightforward as traditional marketing methods. And if you don’t use the right approach or methods, your social media presence could end up doing you more harm than good. So here are a few basic principles that you should follow to make sure you not only have a strong media presence but a beneficial one!

Be Active on the Most Important Platforms

A strong social media presence means a wide social media presence. You don’t need to be on every single platform that’s out there. But you should be active on the big 5 in order to make sure you are reaching your audience wherever they are.

It can seem like a time consuming effort to actively engage your audience on five different social media platforms. But, fortunately, you do not need to post with the same frequency on each of them (see the next section below) and to some degree, you can share the same post across multiple platforms.

Use Trial & Error (& Analytics) to Find the Right Frequency

If you do some research, you’re going to find a few different claims about what the “perfect” frequency of posting is for social media. But the fact is that there are just too many different factors that will affect how strong of a social media presence you need.

So the best thing you can do is start with a frequency that sounds good to you. Stick with that for about a month. Then increase it for a month. Use analytics to determine how the increase has affected your level of engagement, your number of visitors, and any other metrics that you are most concerned with.

Get Out Ahead of Reputation Damage

No matter how careful you are, your reputation on social media is never completely under your control. Whether you are worried about a potential problem or you are currently dealing with an issue, legal support and management from can provide serious damage control. It can also help you recover and regain a positive reputation for your brand.

Develop a Consistent Brand Identity

One of the biggest mistakes a business can make is not coordinating their social media accounts. You need to deliver a consistent message across all of them. If your brand identity is not consistent, your audience will not be able to relate to you or engage with you.

Use Social Media Management Tools

Earlier in this post, you read about the need to be active on 5 different social media platforms. You also read about the need to find the right frequency for each one. Manually posting at the optimal frequency (and times of day) across all 5 platforms can be extremely time-consuming. That’s why social media management tools have been developed.

These tools allow you to manage all of your social media platforms from a single dashboard. You can schedule automated posts at specific times. This means that you can just sit down at the beginning of each week and schedule everything for that week. Then, let the automation take care of your social media presence.

Using these basic principles as the foundation of your business’s social media strategy will help ensure that you don’t make the most common social media blunders. That’s not to say you are going to get it perfectly right from the beginning. It will still take some tweaking and customization to tailor your strategy to the needs of your business. However, with these principles, you’ll be able to avoid the risk of complete disaster.




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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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