Business women can media watch; Cameron, Sandberg, lullabies and tech entrepreneurs.

Lisa of Ulster Bank submitted her media watch report. Interesting as ever.

David Cameron has a women problem

Cynical article here about David and the number of women he employs in cabinet.

Women tech entrepreneurs perform better (we knew that)

Women-led private technology companies are more capital-efficient, achieve 35 percent higher return on investment, and, when venture-backed, bring in 12 percent higher revenue than male-owned tech companies. VERY interesting research into female tech entrepreneurs. Some findings:

  •  the average age of women entrepreneurs founding tech companies has dropped, from 41 to 32
  •  women now earn more than 50 percent of all bachelor’s and master’s degrees and nearly half of all doctorate-level degrees. Yet they start only 3 percent of technology companies and are almost absent on management teams, outside of legal and marketing positions.
  •  growth in women-owned businesses with more than $10 million in revenue is 47 percent higher than among all companies with revenue of $10 million and up.
More here

 Another Sheryl Sandberg article (well, she is selling a book!)

  • Women have to prove themselves more than men.
  • A McKinsey study says men are promoted based on potential, while women are promoted on accomplishments
  • Successful women are more likely to feel like "impostors" who will be found out.
  • Men attribute their success to innate qualities and skills.
  • Women attribute their success to luck and help from others
All the slides you will find here

 Laptops and Lullabies

McKinsey tries to recruit mothers who left the firm for family reason and publishes a guide called for mothers titled "Laptops and Lullabies."




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Wednesday, 24 July 2019
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