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Last week was very quiet, but this time our Ulster Bank Media watcher, lovely Lisa Raftery (note the spelling), has a long list of articles. Here is the list.

David Thomas as Business Women Can champion

David Thomas, talks about the The Women Led Recovery here

There is an other interview with David Thomas on Business Women Can on Business and Leadership here 


Women with a finance background are at a distinct advantage over men when applying for board roles, a new Cranfield report looking at women on boards reveals. Read more here

Research Report from Catalyst

  • 16.6% of Fortune 500 company directors are women, up from 16.1% last year
  • 14.3% of Fortune 500 company executive officers are women, up from 14.1% a year ago
  • 8.1% of top earners in the Fortune 500 are female. That's up from 7.5% in 2011.
More information here


Figures suggest that rural borough could be only place in UK outside a few corners of London where women earn more. Read more here

An interesting article and research on how women are represented in British theatres (not very well!). More here

Stop asking women why they haven’t gotten ahead

“So ladies, stop preaching to other women to change. . Every women's network, every additional dollar spent in coaching and mentoring women, every women's conference, is just another way of avoiding the real issues and adding another whip to blame the ladies “ An articel in HBR

The Pregnancy Penalty: How  Working Women Pay for Having Kids

In a summary of economic research, Crittenden (2001) concludes that, for those under the age of 35, the pay gap between mothers and nonmothers is larger than the pay gap between men and women. More information here



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Monday, 23 September 2019
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