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Invent-DCU is one of the leading university incubators and tech transfer centres in Ireland. I know, I worked there. And I loved every minute of it.

Universities are treasure troves

Invent particularly  has an interesting mix of innovation, tech transfer, research, spin ins, spin outs and support for start up. A lot more businesses should take the time to engage with the research and know-how that is on university campuses. From my time with working with universities I know it is a treasure trove of ideas, interesting research and innovation.

One recent innovation is the DCU License Express Scheme. Tackling the biggest issue that business face in dealing with universities, the opportunity cost of negotiating the license deal, without really knowing the commercial outcome. Here the conditions are clear from the outset, with a standard contract. No long protracted negotiations.

The License Express Scheme

The scheme is designed to make available to industry certain early stage technologies which have been developed as a result of research carried out at Dublin City University and for which the route to market, or time to market, is currently unclear or dependent on other enabling technological or regulatory developments. In each case patents have been granted or are pending. As part of DCU’s collaborative approach to working with industry and in the spirit of open innovation, DCU is offering licences to potential licensees on conditions set out below. This scheme is designed to speed up the time it takes to conclude a licence and to make it easier for the entrepreneur to conclude an arms length licence. This scheme will not apply to on-going collaborative research projects funded substantially by DCU or state agencies or to licences to spin-out companies where DCU’s research infrastructure, staff and research expertise are required. Normal business discussions on a case by case basis and more complete licence agreements will still be used.

The principal conditions

  • An outline business plan or development proposal should be submitted to DCU which should indicate how the invention will be exploited with particular reference to the benefit for the Irish economy. Benefits may include continuing research and development in Irish based companies, creation of new jobs or support of existing jobs or increased exports for Irish based companies.
  • No up-front licence fees will be due at the time the licence is signed nor will there be any milestone payments or royalty payments due during the initial development and sales period of four years.
  • A flat royalty rate of 1% of net sales will apply after the four year royalty free period
The person to talk to about this is Richard Stokes, the director of innovation at DCU. You can find more information here

The clients of Invent

The As with Wayra, the best way to communicate Invent DCU is through their portfolio of clients:

Cruatech provides Software Development, Quality, Support and Deployment services in the fields of Hardware Integration, Application Development and Web development. CDL also develops customised Coding Template and Database Synchronisation Applications to aid in and support the improvement of development processes and deliverables for its customers.

Certivox Labs is involved in providing key management, identity management and IT security services. This secure information exchange in the context of Web 2.0 applications and the Cloud.

CPD Sessions is an experienced provider and developer of rich media educational programmes for the medical professions. CPD Sessions specialises in three areas; Creation of learning programmes, Transforming traditional learning or teaching to meeting todays educational needs and Sharing learning through our own sophisticated Learning Management System.

Digitaljet is a cloud based social entertainment network and multi-channell digital entertainment service. Their service provides customers with the ability to download and stream movies, music, games, e-books, news and applications to all forms of connected devices from a variety of settings.

Digitary is a high-security software system developed with the Higher Education sector for the online issuing and authentication of tamper-evident electronic official graduation documents.

Everseen is a leading technology development company which builds innovative video data mining solutions for the retail sector.

FLI Environmental is a specialist contractor which offers efficient and high quality solutions to its clients in the sustainable energy and environmental sectors. Business areas include environmental containments for the mining industry, landfill construction services, anaerobic digestion, wastewater treatment and contaminated land remediation.

Fujitsu is a top five IT solutions provider in Ireland, delivering integrated offerings including consulting, systems integration, managed services and outsourcing to customers, helping them achieve business benefits from their IT investment.

Gesaky Interactive.The Gesaky Interactive Mirror enables retail stores to substantially increase their turnover through cross sales and allows their customers to enjoy a truly unique way of Interactive Shopping.

GreenEgg Technologies develop products which change the way people think about, use and interact with energy in their homes and businesses.

Jaliko is a technology start up which develops software to correct aberrations and distortions created by lenses after the image has been taken thus eliminating the need to purchase expensive lenses. Jaliko's first product , LensTool allows the user to identify the aberration and then correct it, so the user can do their own calibration .

M2C designs and produces electronics for remotely monitoring machines and gathering data. This data is sent to a server where it is processed using client business rules which allow an intelligent view of the activity on the client deivces. Embedded Technology and GSM Devices are used to implement this.

Pilot Photonics offers unique optical comb source subsystems that will be a key enabler for the next generation of high density optical networking transmission solutions.

SensorMind is a technology and services company, developing unobtrusive, automated, remote monitoring and alert systems, designed to offer peace of mind to families concerned about older relatives.

Sigmoid Pharma is a biopharmaceutical development company developing a portfolio of innovative and proprietary orally administered pharmaceutical products in the areas of transplantation, gastro-intestinal disease and neuro-degeneration.

Xeolas Pharmaceuticals is a specialty pharmaceutical company developing "patient-friendly" medicines that better address the requirements of particular patient groups. is developing a machine translation system which will run on a desktop and create an easy to use yet powerful interface into the system that anyone can use.

Activis offers a complete set of services ranging from website development ( E-commerce, intranet, extranet) to website promotion (International SEO and PPC, link building, e-marketing, ) in order to ensure that its clients achieve success online.

Ed Ev provides providing educational evaluation and testing services to Irish schools. EdEv is currently working with GL Assessment in the UK to standardise the Cognitive Abilities Test on representative samples Irish primary school and secondary school students.

IGROW - Integrated Technologies and Services for Sustainable Growth European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG)  is active in the fields of information and communication technologies for sustainable growth, technology ethics (trust and security), governance, innovation, and sustainable growth thematic areas (economy, water, energy, environment, other).

Susan Hayes, "The Positive Economist" is a finance trainer and professional speaker. She provides educational solutions to companies and individuals who are interested in learning more about the financial markets, investment and finance. In addition, she speaks at a wide range of events and on the media on various topics from entrepreneurship to economics.

YellowSchedule is a unique cloud based appointment booking & client interaction management solution which significantly reduces no-shows and increases bookings for service based business globally.




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