Business Security as a Whole: What is Needed?

Running a business can be hard work, especially in these times. Balancing the books, making sure every member of staff is doing what they’re supposed to and keeping customers/clients on side are all essential, but so is keeping every single asset you own within the office secure from theft and damage. Whether physical or electronic, each item in the office will have at least some value.

In the typical office, there’s bound to be numerous items of worth: computers, tablets, hardware such as keyboards and mice, printers, scanners, telephones, furniture, filing cabinets and several pieces of office furniture. Cumulatively, all that will be worth several thousand pounds, depending on how big the office is, so keeping it all safe is imperative from a financial viewpoint.

Taking care in the cloud

One of the most important things that any business should try and keep safe is all its important documents stored on computers, servers and external hard drives. Data encryption should solve that, although if any files or dealings with clients are done using cloud computing, then more steps need to be taken.

According to CEO of cloud computing firm Egnyte Vineet Jain, users should take a physical approach to security. This means doing more besides encrypting key data such as creating a two-step login for every account user and ensuring that no login details are leaked to people other than those who need it. Also, using comprehensive antimalware software can protect any business from cybercrime.

Labels for liberty from crime

Onto the physical items which often carry the most monetary value. Keeping all your technology safe is easier said than done, but there is one thing which could make sure that, in the event of theft, whatever’s been stolen can be tracked easily enough. Asset labels are great for inventory use as well as for helping to dissuade thieves from taking items thanks to the unique way in which they work.

Voiding labels are seen as handy, but why? Using a two-stage adhesive, they have two different layers. The top layer is a holographic image that contains a unique product code and barcode which can be easily traceable by the police. The bottom layer, which is nigh on impossible to peel off, contains the word ‘void’ written repeatedly in bold, upper case type, and can indicate tampering. According to Seareach, this item in particular is popular with everyone from businesses, schools and the police.

A cause for alarm

The final piece of the business security jigsaw should be a sophisticated, state-of-the-art security alarm system. Having one installed will be one of the best ways to try and prevent thieves from breaking into the premises and taking whatever they please. Having an alarm for different parts of a large office is advisable.

To complement an alarm, installation of a CCTV system could also work. To make it effective, hiring a night-time security guard may be important, but there are ways to get around this. CCTV should cover all the points of entry in an office, and should provide clear images at all times. 24/7 monitoring will ensure that the most is made of it.



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Wednesday, 24 July 2019
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