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As a former Irish international and professional rugby player of over 10 years with over 100 caps for Leinster, Toulouse and London Irish, Aidan McCullen now applies his discipline to the world of digital disruption and strategic innovation. Aidan created “The Innovation Show” podcast in recognition of the need for a show that covers innovation topics in depth. We caught up with Aidan to ask him about the podcast. 

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What is the name of the podcast?

The Innovation Show

Tell us a bit about the podcast

I worked as head of innovation in RTE, the Irish national broadcaster. I was asked to come up with an idea for digital-only content. I felt that there was a very strong business show already on RTE radio, but there was no show dedicated to a changing business, social and technological world. I also saw great leaders come and go through Ireland with no media interviewing them. I saw a gap in the media landscape.

I proposed the show to the digital department in RTE and they said it would not work. I then approached the head of 2FM Dan Healy and he said it was a great idea. He quickly followed with what was my budget and I replied, I had none. Dan is a great guy and quipped that I should do it because I do commentary for Eir sports and this would be an easy transition. His rationale was that I am hyper-curious and extremely interested in the topics covered on the show. Dan said he would support me while I got the show up and running and he did just that and asked his colleague Alan Swan to guide me during the setup. It was a case of serendipity with many positive people colliding.

I love the quote "Be the change you want to see" and use this as a personal North Star.

I wanted to see a show that was all about the guest and shared topics for the curious and those who want to see a better world.

When I left RTE after 8 months, I restarted the show and it really took off. It was the first Irish show on Spotify, iHeart Radio and is the only English-speaking show on Business FM in Finland. The audience is global with the largest audience coming from San Francisco, New York, Canada, Australia, Europe and the UK. Guests are all renowned authors, thought leaders, scientists and professors on the cutting edge of their individual fields.

The Why

This is a Global show for square pegs in round holes. The show exists to enable people to be fully informed to lead better lives, lives packed with meaning. While it focuses on corporate culture and workplace, it aims to help people in their personal purpose as partners, parents and people.

Innovation is not about just technology, it is about fundamental change. We need to change in order to adapt to a new world order. This show covers change in every form, mindset, education reform, critical thinking skills, leadership, organisational development, future trends and fundamental shifts in technology.

The What

In a world of constant disruption many businesses, many people and many parents stick their head in the sand. Innovation is a mindset, not a series of inventions, nor a series of startups nor new business models. The Innovation show is a show for round pegs in square holes, for those who are awake to the real world, to what is broken.

The show aims to address issues that don’t get enough attention, to explore possible solutions. The show shines a light on issues that are hidden from the limelight.

  • Are schools addressing the education gaps for the future?
  • Is the government ready for AI?
  • Are we spending too much time on social media?
  • Are our attention and focus a problem?
  • Is the workplace of today broken?
  • What does leadership of tomorrow consist of?
  • Is technology affecting our brains for the worse?
  • Blockchain can be used for good, but in the wrong hands can be used for evil.

Global guests discuss their takes on the topics above and much more.

Who should listen?

Anyone interested in innovation!

How often does the podcast come out? Where can people subscribe and find out more?

The show comes out every 6/7 days and is available on the following platforms:

You can follow The Innovation Show on Twitter @theinnoshow.

Over to you now. Have you listened to The Innovation Show? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below. 

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Wednesday, 11 December 2019
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