Business Owners: The Personal Development Prerogative

Running a small business definitely keeps you busy and a key focus for you will no doubt be continuing to drive the success and development of your SME. In this frenzy of rapid growth and valuable accolades many business owners have the tendency to forget about their own personal development. Instead, they will often courageously put the development of their business and their staff before their own opportunities to gain.

What is personal development?

In a nutshell, personal development is all about self-improvement. It’s analysing yourself and making an honest assessment of your weaknesses so that you can then address them and eliminate or improve on them. This self-appraisal is vital as it allows you to determine how you can improve and become the best version of yourself. Or at the very least, become better than you were yesterday.

Why should you start putting yourself first?

Simply put, when you improve yourself you inevitably improve the way that you run your business. Consider what impact it could have on your business if you were to stop any further personal development. You only need to look at the technological advances from the last decade to know that if you stand still, you soon get left behind and that is not what you want for your business that you have worked so hard to build.

How can you grow?

Once you’ve adopted the growth mindset, it can be difficult to know where to begin - how do you find out all of the things you’re yet to know? Here are a few ways that you can go about your challenge of improving your personal development:

Identify your weaknesses By acknowledging the areas that you may fall short in, you provide yourself with topics to narrow and focus your development on.

Get feedback from others As a boss it is rare that anyone will tell you where you’re going wrong. Senior colleagues can be instrumental in giving you feedback on areas for improvement.

Make the time One thing we are all guilty of is allowing tasks to take up the time that we have available. breatheHR allows you to automate your HR admin tasks giving you time to focus on your personal development

Set goals Set yourself personal development goals so you can track your progress

Coaching and mentoring Formal training, coaching or mentoring can tackle the development of personal attributes and characteristics like resilience, patience, risk-taking or even learning to embrace your short comings.

Courses/Workshops These could help you to expand your skillset by learning better time management, stress coping tactics or even how to master social media.

Travel Going to new places and experiencing new techniques and ways of doing things can broaden your horizons and open your mind to new possibilities.

Network One of the best and easiest ways to find out how other people do things is to ask them. Discover their experiences and see how you can adapt them for your own company.

By far the simplest way to ensure personal development is to devote some time to it. Reading, writing or thinking don’t cost anything and can often be the most beneficial of undertakings. If you don’t often get the chance to spend time like this, make it one of your goals and you will find yourself wanting to apply yourself so that you achieve your objectives. A little time and application is all it takes.

It’s time to commit to investing in yourself. It’s clear that the returns will be considerable



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Thursday, 18 July 2019
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