How Your Business Can Leverage the Power of Social Media


When it comes to making your business stand out in the digital age, it pays to build your social media following. With the world online like never before, it’s never been so quick and easy to build a rapport with your customers and target market, but you need to go about it the right way if you’re going to see the results you want. 

Let’s take a closer look at how you and your business can benefit from the power of social media and use its unique capability to your advantage.

Keep your customers updated

Customers love to know what their favourite brands are working on which makes social media a particularly powerful way to reveal your latest products and services with little or no financial outlay. A simple picture or a catchy meme that embodies what you’re up to will work wonders online if it strikes the right note. What you need to do though is make sure that you’re not just solely advertising. 

Social media creates brand loyalty

It can be really useful at this point to take a step back from your own business, and think about how you interact as a consumer with your own favourite brands. What you’ll no doubt realize is that the brands and businesses that you’re most loyal to are the ones that offer the most value and engagement. When it comes to the social domain, value doesn’t mean price, it means providing something people want for free. More specifically, it’s about doing more than just tweeting adverts every half hour all day long. That approach may sound good on paper but no one wants their feed to be bursting with nothing but adverts. Give some thought to how you can share the essence of your brand online and get your customers to take a wider interest in what you do. When you start doing that, you’ll be on the road to creating a connection that is guaranteed to endure. 

Bear in mind that you also need to choose a monitoring tool that will tell you how your tactics are working – without that, you will miss the opportunity of changing your ads to fit your customer base. 

Be unique

When you want to create a business, you need a USP, and when you venture into the world of social media, you need to be unique. Consumers are increasingly savvy and discerning, so if you decide on a ‘quick fix’ approach of imitating one of your competitors’ posting styles, people will soon be turned off and become disengaged. So, what’s the best way forward? 

The answer here is very simple: be you. You’re the driving force of your business, so you need to be the driving force of your social media. It’s never a bad thing to hire a social media professional to help get things up and running, but make sure you have plenty of input to define your voice across all of your social media channels.  

Keep the content coming

For a customer, there’s nothing more off-putting than taking a detour from a company’s website to check out their Facebook, only to discover they haven’t posted anything in the last 3 months. This is a big turn off and will likely result in an immediate loss of interest. If on the other hand they see a great blend of original content, lifestyle pieces, engagement, and the odd ad thrown in for good measure, then you’ll be able to secure the like or follow that your page was created to get in the first place. This is super important because it now means that whatever you post will appear in the palm of the hand of a brand new customer. With the ability to speak to people directly in this way, social media certainly offers your business a new marketing avenue that it simply must go and explore. 

Target your ads

Paid adverting should be a key part of any business’ social strategy, but you must ensure you get the balance right. Firstly, make sure to remember that none of us browse Instagram or scroll through Facebook to see ads; just in the same way that we don’t watch TV for the commercials. They happen to appear and if they’re not too intrusive then we’ll tolerate them and no doubt have our eyes caught by something that appeals to us. If they were on every station 45 minutes out of every hour we’d just switch off the TV and do something else. 

When you get a good mix of social posts and ads, then you’ll really start to see your social media presence start working for your business. The secret is to target your ads. If you’re paying to advertise it really makes sense to understand who your perfect customer or your target market are. Don’t write your ad in the form of an old style newspaper ad that just says: “sell, sell, sell” in a dozen different ways. Stay true to your own voice on social media and create your own way of advertising your services. Focus on the features and benefits, add an eye-catching offer, and make sure to include an image that people will like to look at and share with their friends. These 3 things will help you build the foundation for a successful ad campaign that runs in parallel to your engagement posts that are designed to keep your followers interested day-to-day. 

Be creative 

One of the key points many business miss is that you need to be creative with your content. If you find a style of post or a chain of content that garners a lot of interest then eventually you will need to consider changing things up so that your content stays original and creative. The secret here is to really understand your brand and constantly seek out new ways to keep your followers engaged.  That way, you’ll be able to keep your existing followers interested in your content, and you’ll be able to constantly add to your following, so that your social media grows organically and provides the impetus you need to grow your business month on month. 

Ask your followers for content  

The final piece of food for thought is the idea of follower-generated content. This is a powerful way to keep people engaged, whilst also showing undecided browsers how enticing your products and services are. Something simple like a competition where users post photos of them using your product is a great way to get a whole host of new leads and followers in no time at all.

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Guest - Corporate Training Singapore on Tuesday, 28 May 2019 05:23

Thanks for this great article! That was quite very informative to know about that Social media is one of the most powerful means of engaging potential clients and to increase brand awareness.

Thanks for this great article! That was quite very informative to know about that Social media is one of the most powerful means of engaging potential clients and to increase brand awareness.
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Tuesday, 16 July 2019
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