Business Dispute Resolution Tips

The world is becoming smaller, even as it grows in population. Business is more often being conducted globally instead of locally. However, as small as the world may seem today, there are still differences that are a world apart.  When disputes occur due to these differences, how you handle them can make the difference between a successful resolution and disaster. The following 5 tips can help you in dealing with international negotiation and dispute resolution.

Business Dispute Resolution Tips

  1. Do your research. When dealing with people from different countries, being aware of their practices, beliefs, and culture can give you the keys to how things are done where they are from. Being aware of gestures, sayings or actions that are considered rude or unacceptable can avoid escalating situations. Knowing the cultural focus of the person can be important too. This can help you understand where the other person’s stance is coming from.
  2. Find common ground. As different as people around the world are, there is always going to be some things in common. Finding those similarities and focusing on those can bring resolution closer than focusing on the differences. Focusing on things in common makes those differences seem smaller.
  3. Speak the same language.  Even among those who speak English, some slang and sayings will not be understood. Speak plainly and avoid slang. For those who do not speak English well, speaking slowly can help, but avoid speaking louder. If there is a complete breakdown of communication due to language, it may be worth getting an interpreter to help. Many disputes can be resolved if all sides can just understand what the others are saying.
  4. Understand other points of view. When going into a dispute, it is easy to understand where you are coming from. One of the best ways to find resolution is to look at things from the other side. Look at what the other side wants to achieve. It may not be all that different from what you want. Good listening skills play an important role.
  5. Be flexible. Going into negotiations with an inflexible attitude has determined defeat before it even starts. There is no single right way to settle a dispute. Just as there is no single answer to many issues. Negotiations are a give and take process, with each side contributing to the process. By opening up to different options, you are opening up the dispute to resolution. The key to dispute resolution isn’t to determine a winner. It is a process to determine a resolution that both sides can live with.
Negotiations are not always easy and sometimes it may seem as if there is no resolution possible. When disputes occur between people from very different cultures and countries, it may seem to be even more challenging. But by keeping those five tips of negotiation training in mind, it can be achieved without breakdown in communication. Often times a win/win solution can be found. It simply requires utilizing the skills necessary to reach that goal.


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Tuesday, 16 July 2019
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