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Modern entrepreneurs and businessmen are always on the lookout for new technology that can help them become more efficient. We already have a lot on our plate, and although personal assistants and teams can make things a lot easier, we still need to pay attention to a lot of things. Modern business is very information dependent and requires a constant presence in the online environment, well-established communication with your team and the right tools to handle a swarm of small but meaningful tasks that can give us a leg up compared to our competitors.

Smartphones and tablets are slowly turning into digital Swiss army knives for businessmen due to their ability to be modified through various apps (and fortunately there are enough of them) in order to fit anyone’s needs. It takes time to find everything you need, and this is what this article is all about. Here are a few of them that can help you out.

1. MozyPro

First of all, let’s focus on data security. Being that most businessmen these days use multiple devices to manage their obligations they need to make sure all of their data is safe. MozyPro helps you sync all your data automatically on multiple devices so if anything unfortunate happens on any device, you still have access to critical data.

2. EchoSign

Paper is outdated, this is a fact! On top of that, we need to think about the environment. B ut many people still believe that paper is necessary when it comes to contracts and other legal documents. EchoSign begs to differ! This app offers you a secure way to sign documents, and it also archives them all so you can access them later.

3. Evernote

Notes are a business essential; there is simply no way around them. Evernote is here to take care of those needs and make them searchable so that you don’t get lost in the jumble of scribbles we put down on a daily basis.

4. LinkedIn Pulse

Want to keep up with all the latest business trends and niche related changes? Well, the solution comes in the form of LinkedIn Pulse, an app which even allows you to load up stories so you can read them later even without  internet access.

5. Free Wi-Fi Finder

If you are constantly on the run but need to remain connected to the web in order to manage all the necessary obligations, this is an app for you. This app can search for free WiFi in your area and help you remain connected.

6. Battery Master Free

We all know that mobile phone batteries are not what they used to be in terms of longevity. This is why, in some situations, you need to plan out every scrap of the battery you have remaining. Battery Master Free comes in handy in these situations.

7. Storries

Some events deserve more than a simple video or photo, and we all know the business benefits of an active social media presence. You can promote your events and bring them closer to others by arranging a story from pictures, videos, text and voiceover made entirely in your phone. Quality social media content on the go.

These are just some general solutions that can be useful to most businessmen and women. Niche specific apps are also available and you should probably look them up, they might benefit you greatly.

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Thursday, 18 July 2019
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