Building your self confidence

Confidence is an extraordinary quality. It affects everything from pricing and marketing, to how we handle difficult clients, how we deal with disappointment, and how we plan for the future. While you might be confident in one area, typically the area you need most to improve your confidence will lead to your biggest business breakthrough. Here’s six steps you can take to build your level of confidence.
  1. Imagine what might be different. If we can’t visualise the destination, then we can’t undertake the journey. Therefore if we can’t visualise being more confident then it’s unlikely we will be motivated to take the actions that are needed. Firstly identify the areas where you would like to increase your confidence. Is it in the areas of saying no, facing rejection, financial stability, planning, pricing?
  2. Then ask yourself what would be different? What would you be doing if you had all the confidence you needed? How would you know you were more confident? How will you recognise yourself being more confident – what will you be doing, feel like, look like?
  3. Acknowledge the people around you that keep you safe and small.What are the voices around you that are protecting you – friends, family, colleagues, business partners, neighbours, customers, suppliers? What are the voices within you that are protecting you? Don’t fight them – acknowledge them, thank them and move on.
  4. Get curious about the alternatives. Replace the voices with other positive and encouraging voices. Ask what might be the opportunity if we take the risk? What rules are you playing to – I have to be the best; Work is always a struggle; Wimps don’t win; I’m just not a morning person; Everybody is just out for themselves – re-frame the statements to something that is more positive and empowering.
  5. Create reminders. It’s easy to say “I’ll think differently next time…” When under pressure we default to our norm. So what will you use to remember to choose differently?
  6. Take action to build the habit. Each time we take a step outside our comfort zone; the zone gets bigger. So begin to push the map of Your world. Try something new or do something different each week. Confidence is like fitness – it grows from exercising. It’s not about removing the fear, it’s about acknowledging the fear and doing it anyway.
The more we do something, the more confident we become. So what action can you take that will create more powerful habits – collect rejections, raise your fees today, double your goals, saying no to somebody? The important thing is to review and celebrate your achievements. What else would you do to reach new levels of confidence?


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Sunday, 22 September 2019
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