Building Security Systems for Businesses

Public buildings such as large department stores and shopping centers have long been the targets of vandalism, theft, and burglary. More recently, office buildings and small businesses have become targets as well.

This probably happens because vandals and burglars assume that small office buildings are not well secured or protected, so they see them as fair game with little risk of setting of alarms or encountering a security guard. Unfortunately, they are often right about that. So on top of all responsibilities that are involved with running a business, an increased crime rate adds even more.

Building Security Systems for Businesses

The Basics

There are two ways to ensure the protection of an office or small business, and that is technology or personnel. The technology would include electronic devices such as high security locks, alarm systems or cameras, while personnel is literally a person who will stand guard of the building.

Being able to use both methods of protection provides many options for business owners to maximally secure their property. The decision will likely be made with consideration to the budget and physical size of the establishment.

If there are employees that work late into the evening and must cross through the dark to get home, hiring security personnel might be the better option. This would also be appropriate if the location of the building is in a part of town that has criminal activity at night.

Having this sort of security can help to prevent vandalism and protect employees' vehicles. It’s important to remember that as an employer you can be held responsible for any losses suffered by employees in an unsecured parking lot.

Inexpensive Options

There are many options available on the market but not all of them are budget-friendly. Most of the options below will fit into a limited budget, which can be very useful to small business owners.

Monitored alarm system

Contacts a call center when the alarm is triggered, and the call center will then call the police. The drawback to this is that it ties into the phone lines and can be compromised if the perpetrator cuts them. Even if that does not happen, it still gives the criminal time to steal items from the business or vandalize it.

Unmonitored alarm system

Will set off an alarm outside and inside when triggered, and can even be synced with steady or flashing floor lights that will call more attention to the situation.  This normally scares burglars off before they have the chance to vandalize or take anything. This system can fit a limited budget, because it does not have the fees that are charged for the monitored systems.

Wireless alarm system

May be purchased at any hardware store, and can be installed by anyone. Cameras, sensors and motion detectors operate this system with optional alarms and floodlights. Normally inexpensive, these systems are great for a small business.

Outdoor security system

A system that is designed for the outside of buildings combines motion detectors with lights and alarms. The alarm can be set to trigger if someone is sensed walking a path that is not approved, such as approaching a window or door.

What is the best choice?

This will entirely depend on the needs of the business and its’ owner. Talking to a security installation professional, security personnel, a police officer, and even researching on the internet can provide some valuable insight.



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