Build Your Following: How to Engage Customers on Your Business’s Facebook Page

There is no denying the importance of using social media in general—and Facebook in particular—to help your business grow. In ways that were never before imagined, Facebook allows businesses to reach out to customers nearly instantaneously, in order to get reactions, build their brand and so much more. However, this doesn’t come overnight. Instead, it takes a bit of effort to build that following and get a solid customer base to be interested in your presence on Facebook. If you are looking to build your following, here are some tips on how you can engage customers on your business’s Facebook page.

Create and Post Engaging, Relevant Content

Whether it’s great photos, viral videos or beautiful infographics, it is important that you do what you can to make your content engaging enough to stand out. The more that your content will catch the eye of followers on Facebook, the more engaging it will become. And with every like or share that you get because your content is engaging, you open up for potential to reach new people that you never before could. Before you post anything, consider how your audience will interact with it. Are you providing value to your audience? Or are you just posting another sales pitch for a product? Content is the best way to get users interested in your company.

Take Old Spice for example. They don’t just post strictly ads on their Facebook page. They share humorous content and content that will engage their readers, not just self advertisements. See what you can do to actually engage your readers, not just show them ads.

Contests and Free Stuff

Everyone loves free stuff. Whether it’s a t-shirt or something more luxurious, people will do a lot if they think they have a chance of winning something for free. Especially if all it takes is for them to comment on a photo or like something. Consider looking through some of your promotional products or even services that you provide, and determine what you could give away for free. People will think that you are generous, while also actively engaging in your site.

Qwertee, a company that sells limited edition t-shirts, is a great example of how to run a successful Facebook contest or giveaway. They offered a free t-shirt to those who liked their page and submitted their email. They now have 212,000 likes on their Facebook to show for it.

Ask Questions and Acknowledge Responses

A great way to get interest on your Facebook page is to ask questions. These questions do not have to be difficult, but you can target them in a way that requires simple and short responses. But what is also key here is to do your best to ensure that you acknowledge responses to your page. That doesn’t mean that you have to give feedback to everyone who makes a comment on your page, but by at least acknowledging people, your followers will see that you are interested in them. Giving your company a human element goes a long way in helping customers remember your brand.

Take a look at Vivint and their Facebook page. They frequently ask a question or give a call to action to get customers to engage in conversation. Questions are a great way to spark conversation and even get feedback from customers if done correctly.

Timing Is Key

Keep in mind that you have to consider posting anything, whether it be photos, questions or infographics, at a time where people are going to see it. If you are putting up content in the middle of the night or even during business hours, then it’s likely you won’t get much in the way of feedback. Aim for early morning and late night updates, as this typically is the time when most Facebook traffic is happening. Specifically, the best times to post are early morning, between work and dinner, and around bedtime. This is the highest chance you have of capturing most of your audience’s attention. [box type="note"]

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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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