Build and Protect your Personal Brand

Think of your personal brand as your exclusive headline that tells the world who you are and what’s innovative about you. The professional world can be a cutthroat place, but a strong personal brand can set you apart positively. Without a personal brand, you might get lost amidst the Tweets, Shares and Pins.

A successful professional image depends on networking and opportunities and I’ll show you how to optimize these for your personal brand.

Creating Your Niche

Building your personal brand will define your specialty. Everyone has strengths and expertise, and your personal brand will showcase your niche and tell it to the world. If you’re not sure where your specialty lies, spend some time focusing on your innate skills and talents. Often, interests and skills coincide, so think about what you love, what you’re known for, the expertise you share with others and the advice you give -- you’ll probably find your niche in there somewhere. Don’t forget to stay true to yourself as you promote your brand. If you reinvent yourself to the point where you lose your true self, you make it more difficult to sustain your brand.

Design your personal brand around your niche to market yourself to the world and you’ll be creating a hot commodity.

Trust and Credibility

Shift your perspective around to view yourself the way others see you. It’s one thing to have an idea of how you present yourself, but another altogether to consider other people’s experiences of you. People are constantly evaluating you based on your demeanor, your actions and the information you present. Are you building credibility with your actions? Are you presenting yourself as a leader in your field, worthy of trust and respect?

Once you gain this outward perspective, use it to redefine yourself into a positive and profitable personal brand. Slowly, you should see natural leadership qualities emerge as your personal brand sets you apart from the mediocrity around you. Strong leadership naturally gets noticed, which will set your personal brand apart from your competition.

Connections are Key

Your personal brand will also facilitate connections with the people around you. Colleagues and coworkers are professional connections that can help propel you upwards. Marketing yourself professionally also puts you out there in front of your audience.

You’ve got an arsenal of tools at your disposal for defining yourself professionally with a personal brand that will grab attention and get noticed. Social media is a key tool for establishing yourself and promoting your personal brand online.  I’ve found that Linkedin is a phenomenal tool for personal branding. A lively and current presence online enables you to attract new connections and interact with others on an ongoing basis. Maintain professionalism with your online interactions, though.  There have been many a time when something that is published online can later be taken out of context and used against you.

Think of promoting your personal brand as part of your professional portfolio. You can’t afford to ignore it or the professional world just might ignore you. Life isn’t static -- as you grow and develop personally and professionally, your personal brand should keep up with your changes. A strong and credible personal brand should help set you apart as a leader in your field.

One individual that has done this remarkably is Stephen A Wynn, the casino builder.  He grew his personal brand to the point where it carried with it qualities such as luxury and grandeur.  He placed his name atop his casino and instantly gave it the qualities of his personal brand.




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Friday, 19 July 2019
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