Branded Billboards: What You Need to Know

We see a multitude of advertisements every day in many different forms, no matter where we are. Whether we are driving down the road, walking round a shopping centre or even listening to the radio, we are often surrounded by adverts. Billboards in particular are a type of advert that can get your message out effectively; a bold method of displaying your brand or advertising your products.

Billboards are incredibly noticeable at every turn, especially if they have been designed creatively. We see plenty of billboards a day, but how many do you actually remember?

In a world where advertising is extremely competitive, branded billboards could be the answer to standing out successfully. Outdoor advertising in this way can make a big impact in a local area, raising your company’s profile in order to deliver results. However, there are a few helpful rules you can follow to try and ensure your billboard is fulfilling its purpose.

Less Is More

The average time people have to read a billboard is 6 seconds. With this in mind, it’s important that you don’t cram your branded billboard full of information. Most of your audience will be passing by in vehicle, and so won’t have the time to read a long paragraph, or decipher a cryptic message.

The less words the better; finding a way to include the most important information in a visual manner could be the winning ticket to a successful billboard, and will probably stand out in people’s minds too. Don’t be too distracting

The difficult balance you have to find with a billboard advertisement is to not be too distracting. As mentioned, your audience are likely to be drivers. It’s critical that your branded billboard doesn’t cause a crash or a build up of traffic, thanks to people not paying attention to the road!

It can be a fine line between eye-catching and distracting, so the design stage of your billboard should consider this problem.


Including call to actions, such as phone numbers or even your website, could be lost on a billboard. It’s very unlikely that someone is going to call your business or visit your website after driving past a billboard.

A branded billboard is known as secondary advertising, meaning it is perfect for supporting existing campaigns and building up your brand awareness. A billboard is likely to be seen by a huge amount of people each day, making it the perfect outlet to showcase what you do.

Clever Branding

A billboard gives you a lot of room for creativity. However, you shouldn’t aim to be too complex or you’ll leave your audience confused. Consider your brand values and your all-important brand image and implement these into your billboard campaign.

Of course, there are also other techniques that you could include in your branded billboard. 3D billboards are growing in popularity and give you that competitive edge, creating a memorable advert for your audience.

Branded billboards are an incredibly useful tool, if have the know-how. Combining a creative design with a meaningful message can result in an effective strategy to build and maintain a strong brand.



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Thursday, 22 August 2019
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