Boost Your Sales with Trust-Verified

Boost Your Sales with Trust-Verified

Internet sales are vital for any business these days; however, some consumers are reluctant to buy online as they don’t always know which sites they can trust and which ones they can’t. So how do online retailers navigate this problem? The answer is simple with a New Zealand based company called Trust-Verified.

Trust-Verified is simple to use. Once the retailer has signed up, they can then display the Trust seal on their website. This symbol is vital for instilling trust in potential consumers and will mean that the customer can buy with confidence. Consumers can rest assured that Trust-Verified will check all retailers first before allowing them to join the scheme and will carry out verification checks to be absolutely sure the seller can be trusted.


Another important aspect of the service is the ability to gain feedback. Every retailer should know by now that feedback can make or break a business. With Trust-Verified, your potential buyers will be able to read your customer satisfaction ratings so that they can be satisfied that you are a trustworthy seller, and when they purchase from you, they’ll know that you can be relied upon to provide a good service.

Price Plans

Trust-Verified offers two affordable price plans. Customers have the option of a 90-day trial, and if they like the service, then our reasonably priced plans won’t cost more than $300 a year.

Depending on the package a customer chooses, they’ll be able to access a range of services. One example of the features offered is the ability to display positive feedback on a website – a must for boosting customer sales – and the seller will also have the ability to respond to customer feedback. Responding to customer feedback is an essential part of building trust and establishing a customer base, so as a retailer, you can see just how important this aspect of Trust-Verified is.

Signing Up

Signing up to Trust-Verified is simplicity itself. All a retailer has to do is sign up for a three month trial; no credit card details are needed. Once a business owner has signed up, they can access the html code they’ll need to display the Trust-Verified logo on their website.

Trust-Verified Case Study

If, as a business owner, you need any more convincing that displaying a trust seal can add to your credibility and boost sales, then a case study showed that sites with a trust symbol had a 28% increase in sales over an eight week period, and after the trial period, sales continued grow.



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Monday, 22 July 2019
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