Boost Your Customers Loyalty With Apps

Many businesses could stand to benefit by increasing their customer loyalty. Customer loyalty is something that has to be earned; you can`t just throw money at it and hope for the best. Customer loyalty is earned when numerous parts of your business are all working together to provide an excellent experience, but even then you`ve got to take some extra steps. Those parts include sales, marketing, customer service, and of course the quality of what you offer. All of that ties in to create a brand that a customer can identify with, and loyalty will follow.

At the end of the day, customers are seeking value. Apps provide a way for you to keep in touch with them, remind them about your business, and to provide them value while rewarding them for their loyalty. Back in the day (and still, sometimes) companies will use punch cards or pieces of paper that they stamp. Once the customer has visited X amount of times, they`ll be able to redeem their full card for something free. The problem was that so many places were doing this and people were running out of room in their wallets, who wants more cards to have to carry around? Nobody does. Thanks to apps and smart phones, though, this is not a problem anymore and loyalty apps are all the rage. Here's 5 ways to boost your customers loyalty with Apps.

1. Make It Super-Simple

If you want customers to spend their money with you instead of the competition, make it so much easier for them to do so! Virgin Australia`s travel apps are a great example of this strategy. Their mobile app allows you to search for the best flights, get all sorts of into, and to be instantly alerted of specials or last-minute deals. You can even book your flights directly from the app. They took some of the most difficult aspects of booking a flight, and simplified them in their app, which also gives them a way to constantly keep in touch with their customers. Having a clean interface and well-designed app that works perfectly and is very easy to use are all essential parts of the loyalty puzzle. Especially if you have a Virgin customized smartphone which could be the final piece of the puzzle towards customer satisfaction.

2. Do Social Right

Having a presence on social media is a great way to engage your current customers, and to make it really easy for them to tell their friends about your business too. Sometimes, they`ll be intentionally telling their friends. Other times, they`ll be commenting on or sharing something you did, and all of their friends will see. In either case, social proof is incredibly powerful. Hootsuite is a very useful app for keeping your social game on point. Pay attention to what your customers and followers are saying, and never miss an opportunity to go above and beyond in supporting your customers, especially when it`s public on social media.

3. Loyalty Programs

It is vital that you keep customers who will come not only once, but who will become regular if satisfied with your product or services. Your focus should be on loyal customers that will provide you the most business boost. Rewards and occasional prizes will let them know how much you support their loyalty. If you don`t know what works best for your clients you can always scoop from the loyalty program campaigns that are proved to be successful.

By using SpotOn, and encouraging your customers to download the free SpotOn app you`re able to keep track of their check-ins if you have a physical location for your business. Also, you can analyze their spending patterns at your business, and offer them reward points for any number of tasks including sharing your business with their friends on social media, for checking in often, and a lot more.

4. Be A Leader In Your Niche

If you want to be a big brand, you`ve got to think like a big brand and behave like a big brand. Share news about your niche, be the go-to source when people are looking for something and you`ll build an incredible amount of trust amongst your audience, and with trust comes loyalty. Put out content that`s on par with what other leaders are doing in their respective industries.

5. Listen!

This is the most important. Listen to what your customers are telling you. That doesn`t just mean reading your email or checking your messages; it means using analytics whenever possible and deciphering what that data actually means. The more you`re able to understand what your customers are and aren`t doing on your sites and your apps, the better you`ll be able to serve them and fulfill their needs. Customers who are having their needs met = loyal customers.



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Tuesday, 16 July 2019
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