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If you’re alive and well, you’ve got sufficient finances, healthy relationships, a roof over your head and food in your cupboards; then life should be quite satisfactory for you. There’s no reason why every morning you’re not able to wake up with a shout of joy, ready to tackle on another day. You’re not lacking, you’re not in want, and you have a lot to live for. Unfortunately, many people who are in this exact situation are downright miserable. And the reasons for such an unhappy existence would boggle the minds of many.

Many times, these kinds of feelings can be brought on by the workplace or a professional environment. This is where the demands of one’s capabilities are pushed to the limit. When quotas fall short, or deadlines aren’t met, it can do a number on a person’s self-worth and confidence. Statistics show that work can be one of the leading emitters of stress and depression.

Tony Hsieh is the CEO of and has developed a philosophy and innovative system in their workplace that results in bigger profits and happier workers. He wrote Delivering Happiness to help incorporate this same positive atmosphere in many of the companies today. A positive atmosphere can lead to the success of not only the company but the individuals of the company as well.

Discontentment and a low sense of self-worth can be the cause of unhappiness at times. People also tend to have the feeling of not being good enough or believe that they are incapable of achieving their dreams and goals because of past failures or hurts they’ve experienced.

Don Colbert, author, and physician writes about the negative influences these sorts of feelings can have on your health and overall well being. In his books Deadly Emotions and Stress Less, Don tackles the root of these damaging emotions and provides solutions that will help set you free from these ideals.

This kind of self-portrayal is a common epidemic amongst many people. Although the degree of severity differentiates, the effects can be noticeable to others and can manifest themselves in extreme shyness; overbearing guilt quickly fueled anger or episodes of depression. But there are effective methods that can turn such a negative circumstance 180 degrees around.

Author Susie Mitchell of SatNav for the Soul provides guidelines and strategies on how to live a happier and more positive life. She goes into details on how you can continually lift yourself up and establish stronger self-esteem. With self-developmental tips such as affirmations, daily exercises, empowering thoughts and motivational words, you can truly turn your life around.

It’s all about knowing who you are, what you’ve got and what you can do. Familiarize yourself with your strengths and use them to conquer and overcome your fears and weaknesses. Giving value to every aspect of your life, from the way you look at the job that you have or the relationship that you’re in, will, in turn, make yourself more valuable to you.

So, remember you need not to give up in any situations and continue to work on, to develop your skills and to study some new knowledge all the time. Then, reading about self-development is a good way to grow your professionality. Thus check more free book summary to find another awesome guide and writing on self-studying that will help you in life.

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