Best 5 Colors That Increase Productivity

Color is the single most powerful design element for improving aesthetic of a living space. The ideal color of the walls and ceiling can affect the dimensions of the space and its lighting as well as the mood of a person that spends a lot of time in it. Colors significantly affect the mood and the efficiency of your employees. Studies have shown that each color has different effects on us. Here are five colors that have good influence on productivity:


Experts say that this color represent health. Nervous system fatigue and hysteria are treated with this color because it has a calming effect. It is also effective in the treatment of exhaustion and it can relieve migraine pain. Green light is characteristic for its ability to expand capillaries, which reduces blood pressure and stimulates the glands with internal secretion. It is also the color of peace, relaxation, rest and balance. Its symbolism affects emotions and relieves our body from stress with its calming effect. This color is considered to be a symbol of balance. It is most suitable for bathrooms and bedroom, mostly in the form of plants. Compared to the red color, green hast the opposite effect. It lowers blood pressure, calms migraine pain, establishes a personal balance, relieves any fatigue and cures insomnia.


Yellow is the color of the sun, light and optimism that invigorates, activates and releases people from fears. It promotes alertness and concentration and symbolizes creativity and wisdom. It also encourages dynamism and it is considered to improve communication skills. It has a good influence on emotions when used as a well paint. The yellow color has the most impact on our respiratory system, helps with psychoneuroses, raises blood pressure and increases your heart rate and breathing. It also has a beneficial effects on the nervous system.  The most common shades of yellow are: dull yellow (calm, thinking), live yellow (agility, boldness, freedom), olive yellow (dark mood) and lemon yellow (thoughtfulness, vivacity, liveliness, training).


The blue color is one of the primary colors. Its opposite color is yellow and it represents the mixture of green and yellow. It is the color of the sky which gains its color from water reflection. The symbolism of the blue color is wisdom, intelligence, immortality, infinity, depth, elevation, spirituality, mysticism. This color influences some of the psychological associations like: air, transparent effects, distances, quietness, peace, lightness, clearness and freshness. It also has physiological effects like: a heart rate calming effect; it reduces breathing rate; it has a calming effect; stimulates mental activity, introspection and mindfulness. It is considered to be  color of peace and rest.


The orange color is hot, luminous, warm like fire or the sun itself. It resembles a sunrise or a sunset, delicious fruits such as apricots, tangerines, oranges... For Hindu people this color is a symbol of courage and sacrifice. It is not so aggressive and passionate as red because it has more emotional and cheerful tones and it is more pleasant to the eye. Because of these characteristics it is useful for overcoming depression. The orange color expresses tenderness and generosity and at the same time it looks live and light. It also improves appetite and helps with morning awakening. Orange strengthens the lungs, pancreas and spleen and stimulates the heart. It speeds up the digestion system and improves appetite and at the same time it can calm and excite a person.


White is the color of clarity and it represents all three natural colors: yellow, red and blue. This is why most people respond positively to this color. It symbolizes clarity, innocence and purity and also a new beginning and birth. This color mixed with slight shades of blue can have a very cool effect. It is also a symbol of divine perfection, pride, goodness and eternity. People often decide to paint the wall white after plastering because it opens up ideas for furniture and its positioning.




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Monday, 15 July 2019
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