Benefits Of Exporting For A Small Business Introduction

Starting and running a profitable small business is difficult for anyone. There is more competition in the market than ever before, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to make a profit. There are a lot of companies looking at exporting as a way to increase their income and profits. However, many companies simply do not know how to get started with selling in other nations. Here are several things that companies should do to begin exporting and the benefits of exporting over the long term.

New Customers

One of the biggest benefits to exporting products is the fact that it opens up a business to new customers across the world. There are many nations in the world growing at a faster rate than the United States. This represents a huge opportunity to gain market share by opening a product line in a new country. For example, opening a business in Brazil could open up a company to hundreds of millions of new customers. In order to increase sales, many companies are starting to look at countries around the world with strong economies and growing populations. In order to take advantage of this trend, companies should start investing in exporting products overseas today.

Higher Revenue

Revenue is one of the most essential metrics that any company must report on. In many markets, companies have already saturated their target market with products and advertising. It makes more sense for businesses to look at customers across the world with little exposure to the products they sell. There is a much higher return on investment with marketing to customers who have never been exposed to products. Companies should always keep their return on investment in mind when spending money on marketing their products and services. Many businesses mistakenly believe that marketing is always money well spent. However, many times it does little to move the needle in terms of increased sales. Exporting is a great way to increase revenue in a company for a little invested capital.

Higher Profits

Another great reason to export products to other nations is that the profit margins are typically higher. The currency exchange is generally beneficial to domestic companies that sell their products internationally. Not only can this save money on taxes, but this can also result in higher overall profits for the business. Margin erosion is something that every business must fight against. By exporting products across the world, companies can take a great first step in improving margin over the long run. With this increase in profits and sales overall, companies can set themselves up in a much better financial position in the future by exporting products around the world. Many companies have found doing business in Brazil is more profitable than they imagined.

Brand Name Recognition

The brand name of a company is one of the most important and valuable assets to protect. Expanding into overseas markets increases the brand name recognition of a company across the world. This can pay great dividends down the line in several different ways. There are many studies that show companies with a strong brand name are more profitable over the long run than companies who do not have a strong brand. Investing in overseas markets is a benefit in both the long and short term for a business. Business in Brazil, or other nations, can be a financial windfall that companies profit from for many years.


With the competitive business environment today, it is important that small businesses do everything they can in order to gain sales and profits. There are many opportunities around the world to gain market share by exporting products. There are a lot of benefits to exporting for a small business. Not only will this increase sales and profits, but this will also increase the brand name recognition for the company. Exporting is one of the most important decisions that a company can make. Although there are some initial investments required, over the long run this can be a great way for a company to increase its profits.



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Sunday, 19 May 2019
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