Be more productive, 3 tips

Why is it I just never seem to get the important things done!! You know, I just wish I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say that. Truthfully, I have heard myself say it, so I say it from the depths of my soul. It is an ongoing challenge for all of us to be more productive.

I hear many people say it as a lament, but, sadly, many believe there is nothing that they can do about – “it is just life”, they say.

But, quite honestly, that is rubbish and a complete cop out.

There are ways of making sure we get the important things done and when I find myself drifting I bring myself back on track with these 3 tips, and I know they can do it for you too!

Be more productive, 3 tips

1. Model your behavior on experts

Who are the people you know (and not necessarily personally) that you look up to and who always seem to get the important things done? As I said, you don’t have to know them personally.

I have always been a big fan of the late Stephen Covey and he was really big into getting the important things done first. So, when I need it, I always pick up one of his books, or CDs to get me back on track.

So, who do you admire? Spend time in their company, reading their books, listening to their podcasts and become more like them.

Remember that we become a lot like the people we spend time with – so choose carefully!

I am also a great believer in standing on the shoulders of giants to get a better view of the world!!

So, who are your role models?

2. Develop brilliant habits

If you study high achievers they all have on thing in common – they are creatures of habit. They have engrained habits and rituals into their daily lives – and it is that that separates the high achievers from the pack.

I was fascinated over the summer listening to interviews with Olympians and Para Olympians who had won medals. They all talked about the hard work they had put in and the daily routines they had created. They dedicated themselves every day to carry out the same rituals – without which they would not have gone home with medals.

They know how to get the important things done, and great daily rituals and habits are a cornerstone of their achievements.

So, what habits do you need to create?

3. Have time alone to reflect

We are constantly bombarded with emails, mobile phones, texting, meetings, online news etc. – so when do we get time to think?

Going back to the Olympics, I listened to all the top athletes talk about their “rest” time. They can only train for some many hours and then they need to rest in order to recharge and refocus.

We are not any different. If we think that we can work flat out for 8 or 10 hours every day – AND BE EFFECTIVE – then we are just kidding ourselves.

We need time to think and reflect upon what we are doing, and whether the things we are doing will help us get the important things done.

Schedule time alone to get your thinking done. It is not time “off” work – it is part of your work.

So, when are you going to do your thinking today? Is now a good time?

So, these are my 3 tips – they help me, so give them a good try!

Be a friend to your friends and share this with them – they want to get the important things done too!



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Sunday, 21 July 2019
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