Bad Workplace Habits

Most people spend more than one third of their overall time (and more than two thirds of their waking hours) at work, so it’s really hard to believe those who say ‘your work isn’t your life’. For so many individuals, their jobs really are their lives their life (or at least, a huge part of it). Therefore, for an employee like you, it’s important to keep your work environment and work relationships healthy and avoid habits that might destroy or harm your career. Here are some bad workplace habits to avoid...

While it’s normal to commit some mistakes in the office now and then, there are behaviors that can leave lasting effects on your reputation as an employee, effectively closing the doors to future opportunities or even causing your termination. The following are some workplace habits that will harm your career...

Ranting about work in your Facebook or Twitter Account

It doesn’t matter that you tweaked the settings of your social network account so your bosses won’t see your status updates. It doesn’t matter that you blocked all your officemates on Facebook. As soon as you share your status online, you lose control over who will see it – sharing can always make it viral, and it’s a risk not worth taking. If you have friends, hang out with them and share your dilemmas, bash your boss, or complain about your colleagues IN PERSON. Or, if the need to unload is urgent, call your office best friend via your business phone system. Just don’t touch that keyboard; keep yourself from pouring your emotions online.

Not socializing with your office mates

It’s not bad to want to focus on work and to avoid the usual office gossip and politics; but being anti-social at work can make you look uncooperative. You don’t have to go out and party with your colleagues every Friday night, but it really won’t hurt to participate in office activities such as team building. Having friends at work will make things easier for you, and good office camaraderie often results in a happier office life. After all, you spend eight hours of your daily life with these people.

Taking advantage of office benefits

Most offices today offer more flexible working schedules to their employees. Some companies even provide a work-from-home day once a week; others are not so strict about employee time in and time out, as long as the job is being done. However, most employees tend to abuse these benefits by coming in late everyday or by doing household work instead of office work during work-from-home days. If you do this, you will be noticed sooner or later either by your boss or by your co-employees. Your reputation might suffer, or you might get a reprimand from your superior. The benefit may even be taken away from you, or you might just be fired.

Not caring about your health

Coming to work unhygienic is inexcusable – nobody likes an unsanitary employee. Get enough sleep. Don’t ever skip breakfast. And please, even if you’re running late, take a bath before reporting to the office. This will not only benefit your work life but will ensure that you remain healthy.

Not having a daily plan

Cramming and procrastination are the most common office diseases that plague most employees today. And while some people argue that they work best under pressure, that’s taking too much risk. It’s best to plan your daily work to ensure you meet deadlines and retain enough room for anything else your boss needs you for. If you bring your spontaneity to work and you take things as they go, you’ll inevitably find yourself under a pile of half-finished tasks, stressed out.

Taking care of your office life is much like taking care of your relationship – there are some habits you need to avoid to prevent conflict and avoid problems. Follow the tips mentioned above and have a happy work life.

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Sunday, 21 July 2019
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