Are Your Lost Customers Gone Forever? Not Really

In an ideal world a merchant has an endless stream of clients: old ones return again and again and new ones appear day by day. But the reality is different: some customers just come and go, and you can’t do anything about it. Or maybe you can.

The reasons

First things first. So it is important to understand why users become your one-time clients instead of enjoying long-lasting relationships with your brand.
  1. Your product is of lower quality than expected.
Well, our expectations really rule our attitude towards everything and everybody around. The higher our expectations are, the harder it is to get what we hope for. So back to the situation with you as a merchant, it might not be your fault if your product turned out to be worse than the customer needed. However, you should still work on improving your services and goods you sell.
  1. Your customer support is not sufficient enough.
Unlike the previous point, this one is completely about the level of proficiency of your employees. So educate them regularly.
  1. The customer does not need this type of product anymore.
Such a scenario can be observed quite often. After all, who buys a hummer every month?
  1. The client forgot about you.
Breathe out and accept it, things happen. I’ll share more information about it below.

The actions

Each of the reasons mentioned above can be described in detail, and relevant advice can be given. But in this post I would like to concentrate on the point 4 and give you some actionable tipson how to remind your lost customers about your store and get them back to you.

Email marketing

This is where you have a great variety of tools and email types under your fingertips.

Firstly, send congratulations with anniversaries like birthdays. But before doing that, you should collect the needed information from your customers. The simplest way is to add extra fields to your registration form. By the way, here is another idea: ask a favorite color and send collections of items matching this color.

Secondly, remind your clients about their abandoned carts in your store. There are a lot of situations when clients leave their orders unfinished and far not all of them happen because the added item is no longer needed. A coupon code can be added in your email to encourage a customer to recover their cart in your webshop.

Thirdly, don’t forget to inform your previous clients about new arrivals, seasonal products, best sellers and other items in your store. But don’t become too annoying, pick only really worthy ones.

Remarketing lists

These are different types of audiences that you can collect and then use to target particular people in your paid campaigns (Google AdWords Search and/or Dynamic Networks). I’ll add some examples.
  • A list including all site visitors for last N days (30, 90 or more). It is assumed that those users, who have already visited your store, are more likely to buy something there.
  • A list including people who visited a particular page, e.g. a certain product URL or any step of your checkout funnel. This variant is more targeted than the previous one.
  • People who visited any/ particular page but never converted.
Remarketing lists can be created Google Analytics and then be imported to AdWords. Alternatively, you can create them right in your AdWords account, the choice depends on your needs and requirements. The variants are really numerous and the capabilities are almost unlimited.

But before rushing and creating all possible lists, think over carefully your business goals and ways to achieve them. A remarketing list is just a tool; it is you who are responsible for the ways to apply it.

Dynamic ads

This one is my favorite. Dynamic ads are based on the remarketing lists I’ve talked about in the previous point. The best thing about them is that a customer is shown exactly those products that they viewed on your site. If they have some hesitations whether they should buy your item or not but then then see your image ad on a few sites, the chances are high the user will return to your store and make a positive decision.

The process of setting up dynamic ads is not that easy but it is worth it.

Reference information

What do I mean here? Add useful articles which inform and educate clients and provide useful insights into the niche you are in.

For example, if you are selling shoes, create an informative table of size chars for different countries. Post tips on how to choose shoes based on some parameters.

The main idea is to sprinkle here and there in search results, so your name will become familiar. As you might know, people prefer buying from those brands that they already know rather than from new sites. Being a trusted source also helps to increase customer loyalty, this is also extremely important.

Final thoughts

As you might guess, returning lost customers is hard work which requires lots of time and some creativity. But trust me, it’s worth it. After all, attracting new customers is a few times more expensive than focusing on old ones.


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Monday, 14 October 2019
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