Are you making the biggest marketing mistake?

Most businesses fail. And the reason they fail is simply they fail to sell their stuff. One of the reasons for failing to sell their stuff is that most businesses don’t understand marketing.

The most common marketing mistake I see everyday is businesses try to market to everyone. A real “Jack of all trades and master of none” approach. 

The narrower your niche, the more you will stand out. And you need to stand out in crowded spaces.

If you’re an accountant, specialise in one area (examples could be accounting for only farmers, for only consultants or for only shopkeepers etc.) and become known as that specialist. If someone is looking for that speciality, who are they more likely to pick you who specialises in that area or someone who does that area as well as other areas? Think about your ideal client and create your marketing to attract that client. Specialise, specialise...

I know it is scary to think about how many people you won’t be relevant to but it is the only long-term profitable marketing strategy that I have seen working (unless you have very deep marketing pockets).



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Tuesday, 13 November 2018
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