Applications of Magnet Sheets

Electromagnetic implementation can be explained in a relatively simple fashion.  While permanent magnets derive their magnetic nature from the makeup of atoms in an earth-sourced material, electromagnets utilize the property of current induction to produce a magnetic field.  Basically, a conductive wire is wrapped around a metallic object, and an electric current is introduced into that wire.  The movement of the current, through the wire and around the object, causes that metallic object to become magnetic.  These electromagnets differ from permanent magnets in two ways:  they can be easily constructed with common materials and they can be turned on and off with the flick of a switch!

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Permanent magnets also exhibit a constant magnetic field.  With items such as rare earth magnets, which are known for the strength of the magnetic field they produce, no applications that require low-level magnetism are appropriate.  For example, sensors that require magnetic input would be saturated with rare earth magnets, but rare earth permanent magnets would be perfect for hanging large metal objects from kitchen racks.

Electromagnetic products also increase safety.  Permanent magnets will always be “on”, meaning that any metallic object in the vicinity of a magnet will be constantly attracted to it.  In addition to this threat, magnetic strips on credit cards, computer storage tapes and other magnetically-affect media can be permanently damaged by even brief exposure to permanent magnets.

Numerous applications for electromagnetic devices pervade everyday life.  From huge, car-carrying magnets in junkyards to MRI machines and other medical imaging devices, electromagnetic technology drives much of the modern world.  Industrial applications benefit from the “off” switch safety, and countless listeners of music benefit as well!  Modern particle accelerators that have led to the discovery of ground-breaking subatomic particles also depend on massive electromagnetic forces to guide particles into near-light-speed collisions.

Although electromagnetic solutions offer many benefits, permanent magnets offer a great field strength relative to the size and cost of electromagnetic devices.  This fact drives their ubiquity in industrial applications alongside electromagnetic solutions.

Understanding your application's requirements will allow an educated choice between electromagnetic and permanent magnet technology.  Extreme requirements such as temperatures outside of normal operating ranges need to be taken into account.  Suppliers of magnet solutions can design appropriate magnetic products based on extreme operating temperatures.  In the case of electromagnetic solutions, overheating can be a result of sending too much current through the current loop in the magnet.  Simply following manufacturer's recommended ranges of current supply can prevent this mishap.  Ensuring proper storage and lack of exposure to moisture can also increase the lifespan of electromagnetic devices.

Remember to be a responsible and aware maintainer of your magnetic resources.  Being educated in magnet care and proper utilization will lead to a long-term successful investment in your commercial magnetic equipment.

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Cynic John writes for Jobmaster Magnets, a company which is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of customer magnets . Anyone looking for magnetic sheeting can visit our official site.



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Monday, 23 September 2019
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