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Apple Inc which was formerly known as Apple Computer Inc has established itself as the market leader/trend setter in the consumer electronic industry. Today it stands as a Multinational Corporation and happens to be the world’s largest publicly traded company with respect to market capitalization with an estimated value of US$626 Billion as of September 2012. It has grown so large that it could pay off debts of third world countries like Pakistan. Its total market capitalization is greater than that of corporate giants like Microsoft and Google combined together. This should give one an idea of the stupendous size of the corporation today.

It would come as a surprise to many of the company’s consumers today that it was not always the company that produced very high tech consumer electronic products like the IPhone, IPod, IMac and MacBook’s. Since its inception in the year 1977, it was pre-dominantly involved in the manufacturing of personal computers for two decades. It was during the 1990’s that the company started experiencing shaky sales and reduced market share. It was also around this time that the ousted CEO Steve Jobs made a U-turn back to the company he had founded with his friend from which he was ousted from. This time was a turning point for the company. The great Steve Jobs had returned and the company went back to the drawing board changing its company policies and strategies.

When Apple (AAPL) began it had a charm. A charm filled with unprecedented exuberance and innovation. The market had never seen the likes of the products the company invented and introduced. Before the advent of Apple Computers, America couldn’t even think about owning a personal computer. Apple (AAPL) changed all that and much more. It restored America’s position as the leaders in innovation. The people of America had officially entered the age of information and technology. Due to unfortunate internal circumstances that developed, Steve Jobs was made to leave the company he founded. John Sculley was brought on as the CEO of the company 1983-1993. He was the hot-shot President of Pepsi Co with a reputation for doing well for himself and the company along with a vast experience with selling carbonated drinks. It is noteworthy though that Sculley had little or no experience with selling computers but he was trusted upon by Apple to take on selling personal computers due to his expertise at marketing with Pepsi Co. He went on to becoming a lucrative asset for Aapl with sales revenue increasing due to the induction of PowerBook in its portfolio. A disappointing bad first quarter in the year 1993 compelled Apples board to force Sculley out.



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Monday, 23 September 2019
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