An Agent for Purging the Bowels

If you translate the word cathartic from its Greek meaning to English then it roughly translates as 'an agent for purging the bowels'. We had to look it up after a businesswoman contacted us saying that using the business planning tool over the weekend was a cathartic experience.

This lady (that's running a £1m plus business) basically wrote up the plan - with herself as the only audience - for the first draft. She said she wrote it 'with a strong dose of reality without delusion'. To say that she identified changes that needed to be made in her business would be putting it mildly.

Is it you or the business?

The conversation prompted a blog where you're challenged to ask hard questions about yourself and your business. Keep the questions in mind when you write a first draft of your business plan (for yourself!)

The good news is we have 334 users of the new business planning tool at the moment since we featured it in last week's eZine. All thinking about strategy? Some running for the Epsom salts? Check out our free business planning tool for yourself here.

Reading the Signs

How about coming up with a strategy for this company that's asked a question in the Forums. 'We are a new company providing sign maintenance for Northern Ireland. The aim of our company is to clean, repair & maintain all types of signage to avoid the expense of replacements, particularly useful to small, independent businesses. We're looking for advice on the best way to reach our market - we have a website, very distinctive van branding, employ social media & have run an advert in The Belfast Telegraph. Are there any other options we should be looking at?'


Thanks to Samantha (#irishbizparty) for her help Face Booking and retweeting our announcements about the Business Achievers awards last week. It prompted about a dozen new entries into the Women Led Business category. (For the Sign company above, when done right and targeted, social media works..isn't that right Samantha?).

The female of the species is more deadlier than the male*

Let's finish on the Business Achievers. We're really looking forward to helping promote these, this year (and to be fair any other awards out there that are targeted at SMEs). We're taking particular delight in how the Businesswomencan initiative is becoming an important part of the awards.

We now have a businesswoman Chairperson, Senator and founder of Jack & Jill and Lily O'Brien's, Mary Ann O Brien. We have a dedicated business women led category. There's a dedicated business woman liaison in Ulster Bank with an all island network of businesswomencan ambassadors (many of them SBC contributors) And there's a very good chance we'll help make the women led category the most popular category of the Awards. We might even get an overall winner that's led by a woman.

And do you know what they'll be saying then…that we're discriminating against men.

*The female of the species (Rudyard Kipling)

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Thursday, 22 August 2019
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