Age Old Advertising That Still Works

Age Old Advertising That Still Works - The use of information technology (IT) platforms in the marketing and advertising activities of your small business is no longer a fodder for hype. It is a reality that has virtually set the trends for pursuing breakthroughs in the increasingly competitive business environment. The mere mention of business concepts such as networking and online marketing would drift your mind to online social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and other online community forums. This shows that the brick-and-mortar approaches to business advertising are fast fading in the wake of the emerging technological innovations.

However, there are some age old approaches to business advertising that will never lose relevance despite the momentum with which the internet revolution is gathering pace. Things such as business cards, newspaper classifieds and flyers can never be wished away and condemning these age old practices to redundancy would not be the best thing to do for your small business. It would only be wise to supplement the use of digital platforms in your business with these simple practices so as to leverage your competitive profile. Indeed, some of these simple approaches to advertising your business could help you to break new grounds in unimaginable proportions.

Person-to-Person Referrals

Always ask your previous customers, friends and relatives to refer new customers to your business. Face-to-face referrals, be they written on paper or verbal, have the potential of generating positive perception in the mindset of your target customers. These favorable customer perceptions tend to whip up their confidence when dealing with your business. For example, look back to when you opened bank accounts for yourself or your business. You must have had several options in your mind before you narrowed down your choices depending on the availability and affordability of the financial services that were on offer in different banks. When narrowing down your choices, advertisements, your previous experiences with other banks and ultimately, verbal face to face referrals might have helped you in reaching your decision. As such, your chances of landing new customers are high when they referred to your business by previous customers, friends or relatives who were satisfied by your quality of goods or services. The potential impact of face-to-face referrals on your business gets clearer when you look across many small business sectors such as automobile spare parts shops, fashion stores, insurance agents, mechanics, opticians, restaurants, real estate brokerage, fruits vendors and cab services, just to mention but a few.

Business Card

The use of business cards is still widespread in the mainstream corporate world. It is commonplace for some old friends and new friends or marketers of large business organization to issue you with a business card whenever you bump onto each other at one point on another. This shows that many big companies acknowledge the marketing potential of business cards. In small businesses, however, the advertising potential of business cards is largely underestimated. Small business entrepreneurs seem to be content with the use of emails and websites to share the contacts of their businesses, yet the contacts published in business cards could potentially direct customers to these businesses. This is not the way to go because it amounts to suppressing likely business opportunities. Sometimes, lack of business cards could expose you to embarrassments, especially when a prospective customer asks you for one.


Simple as they may sound, flyers are cost-friendly advertisement tools that are capable of unlocking your business potential. Flyers are very useful when you need to broadcast specific information about your business to audiences in particular locations or localities. The use of flyers heightens awareness about your ongoing or prospective business activities. They are good for highlighting the special aspects of your business such as discounts, special offers or change of business location. The outstanding advantage of fliers is that unlike business cards, you can issue them randomly to anyone who is interested regardless of the nature of your acquaintances.

Newspaper Classifieds

Newspaper classifieds are very important ingredients for proactively supplementing your online advertising and marketing initiatives. In fact, you could use the classifieds in newspapers to advertise and refer customers to the website or any other online portal that contains detailed information about your business or products. The use of newspaper classifieds is particularly important when seeking to advertise new products or services. The good thing with newspaper classified advertisements is that they are inexpensive compared to other newspaper advertising formats. Therefore, you can run newspaper classifieds advertisements for several days without incurring excessive costs.



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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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