Affiliate Marketing - A good way to attract more business?

If you been online for more than 5 minutes you will have seen, heard about or have been offered an product for sale via an affiliate.  Affiliate marketing in the UK is a £9billion sales channel (IAB Performance Marketing Review 2013 ) and it is growing.

Your business could take advantage of this channel and should do.  Here's why:

  • Increased brand awareness - imagine your brand and products on hundreds of related sites
  • Sales - obvious but worth saying
  • decreases volume risks - if your sales are coming from a large number of different sources, a lot of which are driving traffic in different ways you reduce your dependence on a single channel such as Google.
All that said, there are still right ways and wrong ways to get this working in your business.
  • You can run an in house programme or via an affiliate network
  • How do you want pay for activity, cost per lead, cost per sale, cost per click?
  • Can you handle a potential increase in order volume quickly?
Affiliate marketing can work for any business but only if done correctly, from choosing the best route to build a programme, to management, promotion and recruitment for affiliates. If you are looking for a low risk way to drive more sales, then affiliate marketing could be for you.






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Saturday, 20 July 2019
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