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I’m a 19 year old student who recently started working as an intern for Business Achievers.
I have seen the effort and time that goes into creating a successful business, and the experience needed to succeed. I got in contact with various business owners and entrepreneurs on the Business Achievers website asking them to share just snippets of advice that they would give to an aspiring entrepreneur and this is what I got:

• Listen, Think, Then speak, and always trust your gut. If something is too good to be true, it probably is!

• Get up, and show up, every day! You won’t always be inspired, but if you get up and show up everyday good things will happen.

• Just because one or more very successful entrepreneurs give any certain bit of advice, always remember that your business situation may be unique and possibly not all advice from other successful entrepreneurs is the best thing for your situation, you have to evaluate that, don't just follow advice blindly.

• For the effective development of your business, you need to love your business, Also constantly develop and ask advice from successful entrepreneurs.

• be okay with failure and to have the ability to persevere through that failure to eventually succeed. Success in entrepreneurship does not come immediately. Often, you have to fail dozens of times before you get it right and can finally succeed. Just remember to persevere. Look at everything as a learning opportunity and be optimistic moving forward, and you will do just fine

• Never box yourself in, everything is possible and create your own opportunities.
Listen and soak up all around you and never be afraid. Most important know your product, know every aspect of it, so when you talk to it, you can do so with conviction and confidence. Don’t be afraid to convey your passion and enthusiasm as it can become your biggest selling tool!

This is great advice in business, but also probably great advice for life in general.
Thanks to everybody who took the time to share their advice, it is much appreciated.


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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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