Advantages of Print Based Marketing

Have you considered publicizing your business’s services via magazine or catalogue? You may have ruled out the possibility due to anticipated costs or the potential absence of a targeted audience. However, considering the proliferation of online advertising, print communication is becoming more and more scarce, making paper-based marketing and correspondence much more effective than they have been, in the past. Think about it: doesn’t the delivery of a hand-written letter or new magazine elicit more excitement than an e-mail in your inbox? It’s because of the relative novelty of something handheld, anymore, delivered especially to you--as opposed to yet another digital advertising banner or Kindle book file.

Print based marketing

One advantage of print marketing is that it requires its audience to slow down. Websites can encourage our eyes to scan a page or merely glance over the content of an article--due in part to the presence of scroll bars, hyperlinks, and advertisements leading to other sites. A magazine, on the other hand, offers readers the opportunity to take in an aesthetically pleasing learning experience that is both beautiful and educational, in nature. The amount of time a catalog or magazine requires to peruse, as opposed to a website, could provide a more extensive opportunity for potential customers to learn about products or services.

Because a magazine features both a diverse selection of articles and targeted content, a reader may be more likely to return to it for reference again and again via the table of contents. If a publication can encourage its readers to turn to it as a reference guide, it will have won half the battle, so to speak. Hence the tendency for many magazines and newspapers to place attention-grabbing headlines on their covers: they serve as bait to encourage their audience to read more.  If your content doesn’t lend itself to front-cover marketing, it’s also possible to create attractive opening pages with a table of contents that grabs the reader with easy-to-read titles and headers accompanied with quotes in the margins, for example.

Infographics, illustrations, and interactive features

Offering scaffolded methods of presenting information assists readers by presenting different ways of understanding the same thing. An image may be designed to induce feelings of calm or excitement, shock or amusement; therefore, an image made to accompany an article holds great potential for impact and shouldn’t be decided upon lightly. Infographics, illustrations, and interactive features with questions can provide opportunities for learning and takeaway concepts that really resonate with potential customers. If there are certain pieces of information or terms intended to stick more than others, for example, you can design quizzes around those elements.

Furthermore, the visual and physical component of print marketing shouldn’t be taken for granted. The texture of the paper, the size of the visuals, the colors used in photographs, illustrations or graphics--all aesthetic components contribute to the memorability of the content. If your company wants to attract environmentally-minded clients, for example, you could prominently mention the use of paper that is either recycled or produced from sustainable sources. Also, the weight of the paper used, throughout, is customizable, lending different effects to different types of content.

Publishing potions

As the proverbial expression maintains, a picture is still worth a thousand words. There are numerous publishing options for marketing your content in magazine or catalog form. Choosing a publishing company that specializes in Business-to-Business marketing provides certain advantages, such as budget-minded rates and targeted outreach strategies. However you choose to get the word out about your business, via print, be assured that distributing palpable information likely stands a better chance of getting noticed than yet another website.

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Thursday, 18 July 2019
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