A Quick Guide to SBCI Long Term Funding Options for Businesses


Is your business looking for long-term funding? Have you considered the SBCI schemes? Here's a quick guide to SBCI long term funding options for businesses:

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What is SBCI?

The Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland (SBCI) is a state-owned promotional financial institution which ensures that Irish SMEs have access to stable, lower-cost, long-term funding options.

The SBCI operates through three lines of business: Lending; Risk sharing and Service provision.

The two schemes operated on behalf of the Government of Ireland by the SBCI currently available are the SME Credit Guarantee Scheme 2017 and the Brexit Loan Scheme.


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The SME Credit Guarantee Scheme 2017

The revised SME Credit Guarantee Scheme 2017 (CGS) aims to assist viable SMEs which under normal lending criteria are unable to borrow from their bank. The scheme operates by providing an 80% guarantee (previously 75%) to participating finance providers on qualifying loans to SMEs.

The CGS has been designed to address three barriers to lending:

  1. Inadequate collateral;
  2. Novel business market, sector or technology which is perceived by finance providers as higher risk under current credit risk evaluation practices;
  3. Need for refinancing caused by exit of an SMEs lender from the Irish market.

The scheme covers loans up to €1m for a period of up to 7 years. The SME Credit Guarantee Scheme 2017 is available through SBCI on-lending partners, Ulster Bank, AIB and Bank of Ireland.

More information about the SME Credit Guarantee Scheme 2017 (CGS) can be found here.

The Brexit Loan Scheme

The €300 million Brexit Loan Scheme (BLS) provides low-cost funding (at 4% or less), with the support of the European Investment Fund, to eligible Irish businesses that are innovating in response to the challenges that Brexit poses.

The scheme covers loans ranging from €25,000 to €1.5m, with loans of up to €500,000 being unsecured. The maximum interest rate for this scheme is 4% and loans can be used for future working capital, requirements to fund innovation, change or adaptation of the business to mitigate the impact of Brexit.

The SBCI will engage directly with Brexit-impacted businesses to assist them with the eligibility process and applying for the BLS.

SMEs can start the process by visiting https://sbci.gov.ie/ and completing a straightforward form to establish their eligibility for the scheme. The SBCI will give them a quick decision and a unique code confirming that they are eligible, which they can bring to Ulster Bank, AIB and Bank of Ireland to support their credit application.

If your business will be affected by Brexit, visit https://sbci.gov.ie/ or call 1800 804482 for more information on the Brexit Loan Scheme.

Complete the Eligibility Form (available here) and email or post it back to SBCI at SBCI – Treasury Building, Grand Canal Street, Dublin 2, D02XN96.

Please note that, a business plan is required to support your credit application to your preferred finance provider.

Over to you now. Have you applied for SBCI funding? Tell us in the comments below. 




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