A hard nosed version of being mindful

A hard nosed version of being mindful

For the last few weeks, I have been reading some nice soft books on mindfulness. 

I was wrong about future trends

It is a long story, but I have realised that for the last five years I have been doing this future trends thing the wrong way around. I had gotten to the stage that I could rattle off over 150 future trends, 50 books and 20 guru’s, feeling very clever with myself. Being utterly confusing and without meaning to anyone. And only after the rattling would I talk about applying filters, such as the strategic box. Using the vision, passion, values, purpose, positioning and resourcing statements as the framing of the filter.

Filter first

I now realise that you need the filters first (it is just too much) and being mindful in that context is very powerful to help you think (and filter clearly).

Books on being mindful

As I said, I have been reading some very good books on being mindful, such as “Search inside yourself”, which is how Google is applying mind techniques to the workplace. Or “Buddha’s Brain” which is about the neuroscience behind meditation. Utterly fascinating and highly recommended. Already wrote about “The code of the extraordinary mind” and would also highly recommend “Work Clean” which is the Masterchef version of being mindful.

Be obsessed

Picked up “Be obsessed or be average” by Grant Cardone. We are fans of Grant. Grant wrote “Sell or be sold. Not as “blood on the wall” as “Do-it” Marketing by David Newman, but fairly hard-nosed.

Blood on the wall mindfulness

“Be obsessed” takes being mindful in a different direction and it is a blood on the wall version. It is not about vision, passion, purpose, values, positioning and resourcing. It is not about balance in your life. It is about being obsessed with what you want to do. Defining your obsession statement.

Go for it

And then go for it. In a “no holds barred”, “no excuse”, “don’t give up” type of way. Ending the epidemic of average, being the best you can be, roaring towards your future. The only failure is quitting.



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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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