A Guide to Content Marketing for Startups

Content marketing, over recent years, is the buzzword that just won’t disappear from the marketing arena. This is no surprise. A successful and well-crafted content marketing strategy really can prove to be game-changing for businesses. Content marketing drives your search engine optimisation (SEO) to grow your audience socially, enables you to send engaging emailers and, of course, gives your brand a voice. Content directly affects all aspects of your marketing mix.

However, for small startup companies, content marketing often seems a daunting task. One that you appreciate the value of but dismiss due to restraints on resources. This need not be the case. Instead, what becomes important for startups is quality, not quantity. It's amazing just how far a little bit of effort can go. Consequently, what is listed below are three simple steps that serve as the essential content marketing guide for startups.

Establish content marketing goals

Don't write content just for content's sake! There are three important things to understand with content marketing. They are that each and every piece of content should be written for a specific goal, specific audience and to answer a specific question. Writing content just because you feel that it is something that you should be doing can, unfortunately, prove to be a very easy way to waste time and money. It's paramount to know what you want to achieve with a content marketing campaign.

A detailed content plan that aligns itself with overarching aims will enable you to shape all content around a purpose, audience and media platform. By taking this simple step, you ensure that each article you write will be geared up to a particular goal. For example, this content plan could aim to achieve just one article a month, with a focus on one keyword that talks to one type of customer. This approach will naturally align your content marketing efforts with your business goals, speak to each of your audience types and cover each aspect of your offering.

Be original with your content marketing

Over 2 million blog posts are published every day on the internet. This means that being original is the most important this to bear in mind with content marketing. If you are struggling to think of something to write about, or if you are halfway through a piece and you have lost all momentum, don’t force it. If you feel as though you are creating useless, repetitive content, then reevaluate. You have to ask yourself whether you should be writing it at all.

Similar to ensuring that you know what your goals are with each content piece, it is imperative that your content should always have a direction and purpose. If you yourself feel it is saying nothing, then why will others spend time reading it?

To ensure all your content is original, before beginning to write, make sure you do your research. Know what other people are saying about your subject. This way, you can guarantee you are adding to the conversation rather than just repeating it. If you are not, then think again!

It may be a case of flipping your title or tackling it from a new perspective. If you do end up simply duplicating something already out there, then this can actually prove to have a negative effect. In these cases, your marketing would be better without the content!

Be social with your content marketing

These days, unfortunately, it is commonplace for companies to be writing content purely for SEO reasons rather than making their pieces informative, engaging and worthwhile. This is a waste of time. If you are going to put the effort into writing content in the first place, why not make it work as hard for you as possible?

For a business, social media is something very special. It’s a media space where companies, organisations and groups can become personified and humanised. In effect, what social media allows is for emotion to enter into consumer engagement. This can be truly powerful for businesses both big and small.

If your article is something that you know your audiences are searching for or a question that your customers ask you a lot, then the traction that that piece could potentially pick up for you can be huge. By sharing these useful articles on social media, your audience and brand loyalty will naturally start to grow. This drives that all-important increase in return on investment.

So there you have it, three easy steps to guide your startup content marketing and ensure that is is as effective and economical as possible.



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Monday, 22 July 2019
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