A Guide on How to Import From China

China has fast become a crucial player in the world’s economic platform. This is primarily because it is by far the leading exporter of diverse types of items. It has earned its popularity with business people all over the world because of the cheap costs that come with purchasing items, a factor which has seen most people rush to import from china. Unfortunately, many people do not know how to go about the process at all.

Here are step by step guidelines on how to import from China.

1. Determine what you want to import

If you are looking to import items which you already sell, it becomes easy to approach the market in china as you are already well informed of what you are looking for. If however you are looking to begin importing and selling a totally new product to you, you will need to perform a thorough research about it first. You have to look into things like quality standards, wholesale and retail prices and best places to buy from and sell.

2. Determine the ideal market suitable for you

If you are looking to import from China, you will have to do it en masse to cut costs and hence increase profits. As such, with so many items in your hands, you will have to look for a market to sell to. If you are already an established business person, you can go on to sell the items at retail or upgrade to a supplier. If on the other hand you are new to the trade, you will be forced to first look for a market to avoid being stuck with the goods. You may visit wholesale and retail outlets with a proposition of supplying the items to then. With orders in your hands, you will be more confident when committing your money in the imports.

3. Look for a suitable dealer to buy from

This is what most of the people looking to import from China for the first time consider tricky. It is a good idea to elect from some B2B websit, such globalsources.com, alibaba.com. But, there is always the risk of falling for a scam and not only losing all your capital but also exposing your financial information. However, with the connectivity that the internet has brought, it becomes easy to get first hand and completely honest information regarding different suppliers suitable to import from.

As such, you are able to approach the market confidently. Also, when choosing from a list of potential suppliers, you will be required to look into certain crucial factors. These should include things like costs, means of payments, delivery services and speed of delivery among others. Usually, a reliable China sourcing agent can assistant you to make things sample.When you have your ideal and authentic supplier in hand, you can proceed to make the order and finalize the payment process and wait for your import to arrive.

4. Clear with customs and borders

When your order arrives in your country, you can proceed to clear with the country’s customs and borders agency. This will entail things like paying certain fees and clearing forms. To avoid flaws in the future when dealing with your goods, ensure that all processes required to be completed by you are done as most custom agencies tend to look for flaws in processes regularly. With your goods accessible, you can go on to collect them and arrange for a suitable means of transport that should ensure speed and safety of goods.

5. Continue to distribute according to your orders

Depending on how you have planned to sell your imported goods and make profit, proceed to sell the goods to end customers or resellers. This is the goal of the whole process. To ensure that it is achieved successfully, you will need to ensure that the goods you import are of good quality as most buyers nowadays tend to differentiate originals from counterfeits. You will need to remember that new venture take some time to become fully established. As such, if the venture looks potentially successful after the first trial, you can proceed to make other orders while refining your knowledge of the Chinese market.

For people eyeing the international market, these steps describe in detail how to import from China, and will be crucial to ensuring success. A constant and frequent review of the Chinese market will also work to your benefit as the market is very dynamic and new opportunities are always arising.



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Thursday, 22 August 2019
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