A Quick Guide to A/B Testing for Email Marketing Campaigns


When it comes to email marketing, we all know that it has a higher conversion rate as compared to all other inbound channels but in order to get the maximum benefit out of it, it is important to test your email marketing campaigns from time to time and see which one works the best for you. Here's a quick guide to A/B testing for email marketing campaigns:

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A/B Testing Feature

A/B testing is the most simple way to optimise your email marketing campaigns. To do this, you craft two versions (A and B) of the email and send one of them to a proportion of your email list while the other one goes to the rest. You then look at the results and analyse to see which gets more open rate and conversions.

In most email marketing software services nowadays they have a split testing feature available where they will do this for you. 

A/B testing helps you get the best possible outcome, grow open and click rates, and potentially increase revenue.

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What to Test?

Obviously the end goal is to see which of the 2 emails has better results, which email receives higher open rates, better clicks, and better conversions. 

Here are some things you can test:

1. Subject Line

When your email reaches the recipient’s inbox, the subject line is the first thing that grabs his/her attention making him/her decide if they should open the email or not. You can play around with different kinds of subject lines so as to see which one works best for you.

2. The Right “From” Name

There was a time when emails containing an email address such as This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. usually received better click through rates; however, nowadays it is recommended to use a real name instead, as people want to interact with real people rather than with a generic email. However, you can test and see what strategy works for your audience.

3. Email Content

You can also look at sending different content how, this could be a different call to action, different length of email, different placement of offers.

You can even send two completely different emails to two different segments and see which one converts better for your audience.

The key here is not to test everything all at once but try to do it step by step and see what the incremental changes mean. 

4. Delivery time

It could be there's a better day of the week or hour of the day that could improve your email marketing efforts. meant for rolling out your email marketing campaigns. So testing delivery day and time is worth doing to see if one day/time combination has a better open rate, CTR or even better conversions.

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Testing and learning

Looking at what could be tested for achieving long term email marketing success, ask these questions:

  1. Which call to action button produces better conversions?
  2. Which email subject line results in a better open rate?
  3. Which version of the email offers better sales (light colours or dark colours)?
  4. What is the best day to send email to your audience?
  5. Which hour of the day signifies the best open rate and CTR?

As discussed above, don't try to test too much at once, it's better to do testing of one thing at a time to see what makes the difference. Depending on what your results show and what your business objectives are you will then change your emails towards the thing that gave better results. 

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