9 Simple Things That Can Prevent You From Being Successful


It's hard negotiating the world of business and achieving success. Reputation really is everything. Here are 9 simple things that can prevent you from being successful:

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1. Do Not Over-Promise and Under-Deliver 

Remember that your word is your bond. If you talk big and can’t follow through with what you promise, then it is even worse than never making the promise in the first place. Make sure to keep whatever expectations you set with your boss, co-workers, or clients. If you don’t deliver when you say you will, it will reflect badly even if you still delivered within an amazingly fast time frame. The problem arises when others feel they can’t count on your word.

2. Don’t Get Complacent

You might be good, or even great at what you do; but the best of the best are always learning. Especially in today’s world of evolving technology, you must learn and adapt in order to stay on top of your game.

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3. Do Not Fear Change

Change is almost always a good thing, yet no one seems to really “like” change. It is hard to step out of your comfort zone and changes often make us do that. However, adaptability is a strong quality when it comes to professionals. Therefore, if you embrace change you can be an asset to any team.

4. Don’t Let Success Go to Your Head

Any taste of success is great, and once you experience success, it is hard for that euphoric feeling not to blow up your ego. Before you start adding labels like “expert” or “guru” to your title, take a deep breath and think about staying grounded. Modesty is always the best policy, let your success and statistics speak for you, rather than a fancy label.

5. Don’t Lose Sight of the “Big Picture”

While there is something to be said about putting your head down and working through it, if you use that technique all the time, you can lose sight of the bigger picture, or the goals you should be striving for. You can overcome this by reassessing your goals and making sure that your efforts are being put towards those goals.

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6. Don’t Be Negative

Negativity is one of the worst things in a professional environment. It can bring everyone else down, or at the very least, just make you look bad. If you are a serial offender of negative thoughts, try to actively practice finding the positive in every situation. No one likes a complainer, either. If you are always the one complaining, try to find solutions rather than announcing what the problems are.

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7. Play Nice with Others

I was going to name this one “Don’t Be a Jerk”, but in essence it is a little more than that. You need to work on developing your emotional intelligence, or EQ. It is also a little more than just playing nice with others, it is showing empathy, maturity in stressful situations, and learning how to have a poker face so that you don’t look bored or upset when you have every right to be, but shouldn’t show it.

8. Don’t Be a Brown Nose 

Everyone knows someone like this and no one likes them, so don’t be one of them. A person who is a brown nose, a.k.a. a suck-up, will stroke the boss’ or a client’s ego rather than doing the right thing to earn favor.

9. Don’t Get Involved in Office Politics

Office politics really never end well for anyone. Furthermore, a boss or management team that allows politicking to go on doesn’t exhibit great leadership skills in the first place. Just avoid getting involved in any type of conflicts where you have to choose sides, partake in undermining other colleagues, or spreading rumors just ends up causing stress and an unhappy work environment that no one ends up enjoying. 

As you can see, your reputation hinges on your behaviours, attitudes, and habits too. Sometimes it is hard not to fall into some of the traps we mentioned. It helps to reassess your situation regularly and try to look in from the outside with an unbiased lens to ensure that you aren’t falling victim to any of these common practices that can prevent you from being successful. 

Over to you now. Any other tips you can share on how you went avoiding these traps towards being successful? Tell us in the comments below. 


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Thursday, 14 November 2019
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