9 Pinterest Boards to Motivate You at Work

Admit it, you lose motivation and focus at work once in a while because of certain factors. It may be a sudden change of goals, poorly-managed expectations, or laziness. Whatever the reasons are, it affects your performance. Your co-workers rely on you and a single action may either bring them up or easily take them down. Teamwork is essential in every workplace, but for it to happen, you should first develop yourself to be able to be an asset in the company. Here are 9 Pinterest Boards to Motivate You at Work.

If things aren’t going smoothly at work anymore, you need a motivational tool. These nine Pinterest boards will give you the boost you need to become a better person and a better officemate.

  1. Career Inspiration The weekend went by so fast that you didn’t notice it’s Monday, again. It’s the most hated day of the week, bar none. You have to report for work, repeat tasks throughout the day, and basically wait for Friday to arrive. When you feel that you’ve become a robot, this board reminds you why you applied for the job in the first place. The quotes will push you to finish your tasks not because you’re paid to do it, but because you love what you’re doing.
  2. Daily Moment of Zen Confined inside the office and can’t afford a vacation at the moment? Let Daily Moment of Zen take you on a break. Jetsetter’s Pinterest account boasts of different travel destinations and focuses on luxurious hotels and resorts. The inviting photos will make you want to sit back, relax, and drink a glass of smoothie while watching the sunset. Don’t make it as an excuse to slack off, though. Daily Moment of Zen should make you work harder because rest is just around the corner.
  3. Escapes How many of the world’s population have listed “travel the world” as one of their dreams? Countless. I’m sure you’re one of those who wish to set foot in the earth’s pristine white beaches or be lost in a quaint town. This board truly allows you to explore the corners of the world through providing breathtaking images that will push you to create a travel fund—which, as you know, is only possible if you perform your duties well.
  4. High Fashion - Women Dresses, Style, Make-up, Hair, Bags This board provides printable photos of Louis Vuitton monograms, Chanel earrings, Valentino gowns, and a lot more for that corkboard on your work station. While mainly catering to the ladies, this board could also be shared with male counterparts. Who knows? Your man might just be motivated to do his best at the workplace so that he would be able to buy those lavish set of jewelry for you.
  5. Offices Funnies Humor can do wonders for you. It sets you in a good mood right away. When you’re stressed out and can’t think properly, have a break and indulge yourself with funny office realities. Laughing at a bad situation helps you cope with it. Another plus: a good laugh can improve your focus—instead of worrying, your head is clear and ready to face challenges again.
  6. Best Motivational Quotes When you feel like you’re given endless tasks within a short period of time, just open this board and whisper, “I can do it.” Being inspired while at work gives you an extra boost to keep moving. These motivational quotes reintroduce you to your goals that you sometimes forget when you’re stressed with work. It brings you back to the time when you were eager to start doing things to achieve your dreams.
  7. Quotes on Success Who doesn’t want to be successful? Quotes on Success gives you a daily dose of small memos to make it big someday. It tells you to never give up, to keep chasing your dreams, and to fight for what you believe in because those are the ways to success that have worked for others, and it will work for you. These quotes prove that there’s no easy way to success, but it can be attained.
  8. Awesome Offices Did you ever wish to make you work station a work of art? Worry no more because Awesome Offices will teach you how. An organized work space and a bright environment will definitely make you more productive.
  9. Wind Water Earth Fire Dilemmas at work, misunderstandings at home, it rained, you forgot your umbrella and to make things worse, a gum is stuck under your shoe. Everything’s not going your way and you are now seeing the world negatively – what do you do? Open a tab and visit Wind Water Earth Fire. It offers splendid views around the world which can be useful when you don’t see the good in your chosen career anymore since the world is still awesome, at least according to Pinterest.
Are you following the boards listed above? Follow them and tell us if it has motivated you in any way!



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Sunday, 21 July 2019
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