9 Essentials to Become a Nurtured Business Leader

Being a great leader isn't a piece of cake. Experience plays a key role here. As per the successful entrepreneurs, “Experience makes leader perfect” While a leader's activities may be scrutinized when things aren't going well around, it is their leadership traits that keep the organization strong and shine through the worst of times. Such attributes are what employees look up to and respect for.

Albeit, many attributes have been recognized as essential to becoming a successful business leader, but here are the 9 top essentials that seem to stand out from the crowd to guide them, regardless of the industry they are into. The good thing is that these traits can be learned by practice and repetition.

1. Intensive Industry Knowledge

In order to become a great leader, you must know your industry or business inside out. Leaders are expected to be experts in the overall dynamics of the current market, industry trends, and happenings must be aware of the competitive landscape - visiting events, and frequently involved in associations. This is highly essential in any industry, where new products and services are always constantly evolving.

2. Business Savvy

Having industry knowledge is good but it is alone not enough to becoming a nurtured business leader. An ideal leader must know how to run a business. Now this doesn't mean that they are expected to be accountants or lawyers, but certainly, they do need to have some knowledge and a basic understanding of finance and legal issues. In other terms, they should be able to read a spreadsheet and know the distinction between a profit and loss statement and balance sheet.

3. Strategic Planning

Good leaders are exceptional at strategic planning. They have the ability to look what lies ahead of things to predict where the industry is going. "Based on what happened today" they anticipate things like "where the industry is going after a few years."

4. Brave

Operating a business is not a child's game. It takes a lot of braveness and boldness and at times may be courageous decision-making. A great leader can not be unnerved to ask a loan from a bank, dealing with a hard client, getting rid of a bad employee, or any usual ups and downs of daily business.

5. Effective Communication

One of the crucial key attributes of a strong leader is their ability to communicate effectively with anyone. This includes being able to share their passion and business approach with potential clients and investors and get their employees to implement that strategy.

6. Accountability

Taking not only credit for the good they did but also the accountability is what makes them great leaders. Admitting your mistakes without any shame - Whether it is a bad decision, bad hire, or anything that makes you accountable - Fix the problem and move on. You first act in humility and later set a plan for correction.

7. Delegation

Actually, many people say that a great business leader needs to be paranoid. But I don't agree with that. Instead, what I believe is they need to be well-informed, engaged, and be able to designate responsibilities and trust employees. They should be informed of nearly everything that is going on in their company. For this, they have to trust their employees who were well-trained so that they can accomplish their tasks.

8. Motivator

A bad attitude can not only ruin you but also your organization. If your employees see you frustrated or unmotivated, then they will be too. To be an effective leader, you should know how to stay positive always no matter what and encourage your employees too.

9. Trustworthy

Finally, it all comes down to trust. A good character and integrity are two important things for any leader to get other people to follow. Always, say what you mean and do what you say. Employees, from peon to Manager, will work hard for those who they trust. Do the right thing that is good for your employees, partners, investors, and customers and they will want to work with you.


To be a successful leader, who always stays as an inspiration for others, you will have to be an example for the rest on how to become successful with great leadership attributes. Nowadays, every business professional wants to follow others and learn from their success and you, as a successful leader can really be an inspiration for them.



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Saturday, 20 July 2019
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