9 Advantages of Being a Female Entrepreneur

Before I am labeled a “feminist” by anyone else, let me proudly state that I am absolutely that! Being a feminist today means that I have a strong sense of self, am comfortable in my own skin, and realize that I can do anything I set my mind to doing. In fact, I have made it a personal mission to understand exactly what feminism brings to entrepreneurship, and why women can be so successful. They really do have qualities that differentiate them from their male counterparts, and these qualities are especially helpful today. I have narrowed my list down to 9 advantages of being a female entrepreneur, though I could probably come up with more!


I think women are just better listeners. Male entrepreneurs tend to be fixated on how they have all of a customer’s answers when they may not in fact know what the customer’s needs are. Women seem more willing to ask questions, listen to responses, and then advise a customer, based upon those responses.

Tolerance for Pain and Rejection

It’s interesting to watch the responses of men and women when a customer rejects what they are selling. Women tend to reflect on the rejection and ask, “Why?” This may bring new insight into how it should be done differently. Men tend to blame the customer rather than engage in self-reflection.


While men tend to “go it alone” (perhaps this is a throwback to some visceral need to be completely self-sufficient), women are willing to collaborate with others, sometimes even their competitors, so that all can achieve success.

Social Networking/Personalization

I realized this from my own personal Facebook account. As I looked at my own home page, reading posts and comments, and then as I accessed others’ timelines, I began to notice that far more women than men post comments and responses to comments. I think this speaks volumes about where our “heads” are. Women seem to want more social interaction, and that desire bodes well for business culture today. Remember, building a business is as much about building relationships as it is other things.

Company Culture

We are really “over” the traditional office structure and procedures. Running a business today requires leadership, to be sure, and men tend to have great leadership skills. However, the cultural aspects of contemporary business operations have changed markedly, and women seem to have adapted to these far easier. Businesses run by women more often offer flex-time, job-sharing, working from home and both maternity and paternity leave, as just a few examples.


Whether it is because she has felt “left out” of the “good old boys’ club,” or whether she has simply learned not to ever give up, women in business do not take “no” for an answer and will attack an issue from several angles until it is resolved. Men tend to be more linear in their thinking and more willing to scrap an idea that “bombs” the first time out.


Perhaps it is because many women run a household and have the bulk of the responsibility for the children, while they still pursue their careers, they just seem to be better at “juggling” many tasks at the same time. In today’s lean business models, this is an absolute must!


Again, this may be a factor of running a household and raising children, but females do tend to have more patience. With that patience comes less impulsivity and perhaps more considered business decisions.


This is such a trite term, I hesitate to use it. But it really is a factor in how women conduct business. They tend to get first impressions quite quickly and “go with their gut.” A good friend of mine own a lodge and restaurant. She states that she knows within a few minutes whether a job applicant is a “fit,” just by the way they walk into her office and sit down! And she maintains a great and loyal staff.

Today’s business culture requires a paradigm shift from old business models, and women seem particularly well-suited to thrive in this new environment.

About the author: having a Master’s degree in Journalism and love for traveling, Julie Ellis is financed by her freelance writing to investigate and explore exotic places of the world. Being a Chief Editor at Premier Essay she, as well, features articles for journals and magazines around the world.



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Thursday, 18 July 2019
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