8 Web Design Mistakes Small Business Should Avoid

Regardless of how good you handle the digital promotion of your business, all roads eventually lead to your website. Once they arrive, your visitors will, both consciously and subconsciously, start to evaluate all the different elements and create a mental image of your business. This will be the thing that plays a vital role in them eventually making a decision on whether to work with you or not. All in all, here are few most commonly made web design mistakes that small businesses should avoid in order to make their website as impressive as possible.

1.      Cramming Too Much Content

While you may be eager to show your visitors exactly what your website is about, overloading them with information is never a good thing. Namely, you need to prioritize and make a decision of which information deserves to be at the forefront and which should become available only upon closer inquiry. Cramming too much on the home page of your website can also make you look quite unprofessional, but this is a topic we should address later on.

2.      Not Displaying Enough

On one hand cramming too much content may be bad, but leaving out a vital piece of information is even worse. On your front page, you need to have at least the name of the company, the business niche you belong to and a way in which your clients should contact you. All the rest is quite optional, but these three should never be left out.

3.      Counter Intuitive Website Navigation

By trying to be original, some small businesses make their website’s navigation so confusing that it becomes completely counter-intuitive. Some websites have a design so simplistic that they may appear as if there is nothing at all to click on. Others create an illusion of page not yet being done with loading, while there are those who use elements that just seem interactive. In this way, a visitor is left clicking in frustration, unsure if the button is meant not to respond or is it simply taking too long. It is sometimes hard to tell which of these two things would be worse.

4.      Not Thinking about White Space

Simply put, your entire website consists of two major elements: the used and the unused space. This unused space, also known as the negative or white space is not merely a background. Apart from increasing a chance of conversion and making the comprehension of text easier, white space simply makes the design appear more pleasant.

5.      Using Irrelevant Images

Sure, humans are beings that strongly respond to visual stimuli. Because of that, every guide you encounter is bound to advise you on using images to enhance the impact of your content. Nonetheless, this is a double-edged sword and using irrelevant images may have an adverse effect on your visitors. The point of the image (in this context) is to endorse the content it follows, not to leave your readers wondering what made you include it in the first place.

6.      Obscuring Call to Action

Even though the number of visits to your website is important, it is still far from being paramount. The key is to make a visitor actually buy from you, subscribe to your website or at least contact you. According to experts behind Web Design Parramatta company, you need to make your call to action as clear and transparent as possible.

7.      Dead End Pages

One of the things that small businesses usually forget to introduce are links leading back to the main page. Sure, one could potentially spam the browser back button until they get there, but allowing a quick return from every single page on your website could potentially give a boost to the overall user experience.

8.      Forgetting to Post Updates

Finally, there is nothing that can label you as unprofessional easier than forgetting to change your address after a move, your new price or to replace contact information. In this way, you are giving the impression of website not being a priority, which is a horrible business practice in 2017.

In Conclusion

The problem with making a list of web design mistakes made by small companies is that it simply has no end. Some honorable mentions are failing to maintain links, using counterproductive settings (disabling back button) or using unseemly fonts. Nonetheless, most of the abovementioned tips are quite straightforward and logical and even those who wouldn’t exactly call themselves tech savvy can enforce them without any trouble.


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Monday, 15 July 2019
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