8 Things To Encourage an Innovation Culture


Innovation does not happen; it must be planned for, organised and managed. Here are 8 things to encourage an innovation culture in your business:

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1. Use customer feedback

Get constant feedback from and direct contact with customers. Consider forming a client panel who you can ask regularly for feedback and deep insight. 

2. Regular reviews of information

Regularly review information from a wide variety of sources to make sure you are capturing ideas wherever possible. This includes both internal and external sources.

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3. Regular brainstorming

Hold regular brainstorming sessions with a group of people from different backgrounds, more diversity of people = more diversity of ideas. 

4. Budget for innovation

Do you have a budget for innovation?

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5. Allow time for ideas

Make time for yourself or your staff to search for new ideas. For example, 3M allows R&D workers to spend 15% of their time on their own ideas and initiatives and has a rule that 30% of turnover must come from products developed in the last five years. 

6. Suggestions box

It's a simple concept but having an "idea box" like a suggestions box with cash prizes if ideas are used by the business can really work. 

7. Cross functional teams

Use project teams made up of both technicians and sales people to work with clients on specific ideas, with the team having the power and authority to implement necessary changes.

8. Foster change

Have a positive atmosphere in your business towards change and that people know they are rewarded for taking risks that could lead to innovation. 

Over to you now. How have you put innovation into your business culture? Tell us in the comments below. 

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Friday, 15 November 2019
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