8 Things to Avoid When Starting a PPC Campaign

Small business professionals venture into the world of PPC with great expectations. Unless they have worked with PPC before, odds are they will make some mistakes. These errors can limit the effectiveness of their PPC campaign. After a couple of campaigns, it’s unlikely they will have the same missteps.

Below are 8 things small businesses should avoid when implementing their PPC campaigns.

Failing to Track Results

Thinking that a PPC campaign is successful without having the statistics to prove its success is problematic. Effective PPC managers log into their account on a daily basis. This approach allows them to track results and develop trends. They have to ability to determine how a campaign will fair for the rest of a month.

Developing a Limited Budget

The fact that small businesses don’t have significant capital to invest in advertising is not new. It’s all a matter of what they’re able to do with the money they have available. If possible, a small business needs to invest as much as possible in their PPC campaigns. This will remove any limitations that would otherwise hold their campaigns back.

Writing Ineffective Ads

The way a PPC ad is written often determines its level of success. Companies have to get their point across without making their intent to advertise clear. Potential visitors are resistant to blatant advertising methods. This is why most PPC ads are written in a way that makes them indistinguishable from regular search results. The only difference is that they’re placed in a more prominent position.

Delivering Lousy Landing Pages

A landing page is the first thing potential visitors see when they click on PPC ads. For that reason, these pages should direct them to the right place. They should also seamlessly direct them to other parts of the website. The act of generating new landing pages for each campaign could prevent this problem from happening.

Ignoring the Mobile Audience

Whether we want to admit it or not, the amount of visitors using mobile devices is significant and growing. They should not be forgotten when PPC ads are being generated. Failing to address this audience limits the growth potential of most PPC campaigns.

Choosing the Wrong Keywords

Picking keywords is important for generating PPC campaigns as well as regular webpages. Some keywords might have a considerable amount of demand. The level of competition associated with them is something should not be forgotten. Keywords that have too much competition are not a good choice because it will take much longer to rank using them.

Casting Too Wide of a Net

Determining the amount of traffic a PPC ad could drive to a website is challenging. There’s a difference between exact and broad keywords. Relying on broad keywords won’t lead to a PPC campaign becoming a success. Exact keywords are a better option, especially if they have a low level of competition.

Forgetting About the Main Website

Once potential visitors click on a PPC ad, they will be directed to a landing page. From this point, they should have an option to get to the main website. The quality of the main website should always remain the highest priority.



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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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