8 Steps to Success

I attended a fabulous networking morning at the Brehon Hotel, Killarney last week. My advice for all you business spa managers is get out and network more. I know time is tight but getting out and meeting people is the best promotion for your business. Social networking and similar marketing techniques has taken the personalised service out of our Irish Industry. Remember people love visiting Ireland because of our hospitality and our Irishism!!

Anyway I'd like to share some great info which I know many of us have seen before BUT we often go to seminars and training days then forget what we have learned - so I am here to remind you!

Remember to follow your 8 steps to success:

1. Passion

I always talk about having passion for your spa and your products. Any of you who have worked with me or attended my training days will agree I have a ridiculous amount of passion for my work. I can convert any non spa believer into a believer simply with my love for it all. If you don't love your product line or have issues with your spa environment - then look at ways to improve this because without passion there is no genuine business.

2. Work

When ever I go in to a spa to trouble shoot I put my head down and arse up and I go hard core to ensure the business is running at optimal levels in a short space of time. Your work ethic is essential to success. However burning yourself out is not the answer - be sensible and work smart, hard and love what you do.

3. Focus

Too often I hear spa managers distracted about the day to day niggles their staff have. Honestly, you will never make everyone happy. Especially in a predominately female environment  it can be tough going. Rise above it, have weekly meetings to iron out any issues but don't be consumed with daily gripes the staff have, let them try to resolve it themselves and only come to you if they can't.

4. Persistence

Keep trying. just because some marketing ideas or promotions haven't worked don't give up. Do research, see what your clients are looking for, go and meet your clients, network, get to know your business and then you will be able to market successfully.

5. Ideas

Innovation, tactics, strategies, have a game plan. Do a SWOT analysis see what is missing, what you have and work with that. Look at trends and see what you can do to stay one step ahead of your competitors and one way is NOT to slash prices - my pet hate.

6. Good Knowledge

Aristotle said ' We are what we repeatedly do therefore it is not an act but a habit'. Have knowledge, increase your knowledge and be the best manager you can. Be current with your information, go and learn as much as you can, because you can never learn enough.

7. Push

Have a clear vision of your goals, set a clear map and drive forward to success.

8. Serve

We all provide a service. However make sure that your businesses service is second to none. Stand out from the crowd, deliver that Irish charm and deliver amazing value.



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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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