8 Reasons to Use Social Media for Customer Service

Customer service is vital to the success of any business. It can make or break your business, so to speak. Technology, along with the internet, has given a new twist to customer service through the advent of social media. Customer interaction is no longer limited to face-to-face communication. Through social media you can know what your clients think and feel. Here are eight reasons why you should use social media for customer service.

8 Reasons to Use Social Media for Customer Service

1. Economical

Instead of having a group of customer service associates handling phone calls, you can simply have a person monitoring your social media accounts and attending to customer inquiries. If you want a more focused management, you can assign one person per account. Still, that saves you a lot of overhead because these people can work remotely as long as they have internet access.

2. Exposure

Nothing gives you a wider market reach than social media. Anything you do, whether good or bad, can give you maximum exposure. A single Facebook post or Tweet can be viewed by thousands of followers with the potential to be shared by thousands more. Your marketing and brand exposure is almost limitless with social media.

3. Connection

Connecting with your customers has never been this easy with social media. In addition, you can even get their demographics easily through their social media profiles! As much as helpdesk services can connect or service your clients’ needs, it doesn’t have the flexibility of initiating the connection. With social media, you are free to add or follow potential customers.

4. Accessibility

Social media makes you accessible to your customers. May it be a simple inquiry or comment; your clients can contact you and express their two cents worth. They can voice out their pleasure and displeasure in a similar fashion. It’s all part of the customer service business. What’s important is they can get the message across to you.

5. Personal interaction

A simple reply, retweet, mention, or like can mean a lot to your customers. Having someone interact with them gives a face to your brand. It makes you accommodating, considerate, and more relational. Social media interaction also shows that you care for your clients and you pay attention to what they’re saying.

6. Brand promotion

The fact that you can say “follow us on...” is a form of promotion that has more potential than conventional advertising. Social media promotes your brand and strengthens it. Every content you post, may it be a text, photo, or video can reinforce what your brand stands for. Social media can do wonders for your brand if you know how to optimize it.

7. Real-time feedback

This is what customers appreciate most about social media. Receiving real-time feedback is something that hotlines cannot provide because you are put on hold most of the time. Social media allows you to reply immediately through the real-time notifications you receive. The promptness of your reply shows that you value responding to your customers.

8. Brand credibility

Social media gives you the opportunity to build your brand credibility. Your ability to handle inquiry and complaints says a lot about your brand. Integrity is the ability to follow through on something you said. When you are able to handle address these things successfully, you are shouting to the whole social media world that they can count on you. Satisfied customers can also validate this and use social media to show their appreciation.

Social media is a platform with many faces. It can optimize different business processes, with customer service benefiting from it more than the others. Make no mistake; success in customer service is still dependent on people. When you put the right people to manage your social media accounts, business growth will be within your reach in no time.

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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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